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As of January 30, 2022

  • Page created for Anna Churchman, wife of John Rogers
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Anna. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact



Anna Churchman, ancestry and birth unknown, was living in May 1665, and possibly as late as 23 Aug 1670. She married Plymouth 16 Apr 1639 John Rogers and they had four children (Plymouth): John (c1640), Abigail (c1640), (H)Anna (c1645), and Elizabeth (c1652),

Second Generation

Abigail Rogers was born Duxbury abt 1640 and died Taunton 1 Aug 1727. She married by 1663 John Richmond (II) and they had seven children: Joseph (1663), Edward (1665), Samuel (1668), Sarah (1670), John (1673), Ebenezer (1676) and Abigail (1678/9).

(H)Anna Rogers was born Duxbury abt 1645 and died aft 8 Jun 1704. She married three times, first Taunton 23 Nov 1664 John Tisdale (II), second abt 1680 Thomas Terry, and third abt 1695 Samuel Williams (no children). By her first husband she had four children: Abigail (1667), John (1669), Anna (1672) and Remember (1675). By her second husband she had three more children: Thomas (1679), John and Benjamin.

Elizabeth Rogers was born Duxbury bef 1652 and died aft 7 Mar 1703. She married Taunton 17 Nov 1668 Nathaniel Williams and they had three children: John (1675), Nathaniel (1679) and Elizabeth (1686).

Third Generation

Sarah Richmond was born Taunton 26 Feb 1670 and died there 27 Nov 1727. She married Taunton 6 Oct 1699 James Walker (II) and they had five children (Taunton): Sarah (c1700 m Thomas Leonard), James (c1703), Eliakim (c1705), Elnathan (c1707) and Peter (c1710).

[Abigail Richmond was born Taunton 26 Feb 1678/9 and died there 28 Feb 1763. She married Taunton 29 Jul 1708 Nathan Walker and they had six children (Taunton): Nathan (1709), Abigail (1711 m Jacob Austin), Phebe (1713 m Seth French), William (1715), Lydia (1717 m William Ware) and Deborah (1719 m William Austin but likely no ch.).

Abigail Tisdale was born Taunton 15 Jul 1667 and died bef 1 Mar 1731/2. She married 2 Dec 1685 Taunton William Makepeace (II) and they had eleven children: Abigail (1686 m Emanuel Williams), Anna (1689 poss. m Joseph Staples), Mary (1691 m Nathaniel Gould), SSusanna (1694 m Joseph Godfrey), Lydia (1696 m Simeon Witherel), Deborah (1699 m George Gurley), Seth (1702), William (c1704), Remember (c1707 m Samuel Porter), Priscilla (c1710 m Peter Aldrich) and Thomas

Anna Tisdale was born Taunton 27 Jan 1672 and died Norton in Sep 1733. She married twice, first Taunton 4 Jul 1695 George Leonard and second Norton 3 Sep 1730 Nathaniel Thomas (II) (no children). By her first husband, Anna had eleven children: Phebe (1696 m Joseph Reynolds), George (1698), Nathaniel (1699/1700), Anna (1701-1724/5 unm.), Abigail (1703 m [Rev] Warham Williams), Ephraim (1705/6), Mercy (1708-c1718 unm.), Jonathan (1710), Joshua (1712), Mary (1713/4 m Thomas Clapp) and Abiel (son, 1717).

Remember Tisdale was born Taunton 8 Jul 1675 and died Dighton abt 1711. She married Taunton bef 1696 Nicholas Stephens and they had seven children: infant daughter (1696), Richard (1698), Nicholas (1702), Joseph (1704), Isaac (1706), Josiah (1707) and (H)Annah (1710 m Robert Elms).

Elizabeth Williams was born Taunton 18 Apr 1686 and died there 2 May 1732. She married Taunton 17 Mar 1707/8 John Macomber (II) and they had ten children: Nathaniel (1709), Josiah (1711), John (1713), Elizabeth (1715 m William Rounsevell & William Ashley), James (1717), Elijah (1718), Mary (1721 unm.), Abiah (1724 m Israel Dean but no ch.), Anna (1726 m John Smith) and Joseph (1732).

mtDNA Results

To date, no known matrilineal (all female line) descendant has publicly revealed where they have mtDNA tested. Anyone who believes they are a matrilineal descendant (in other words, anyone who believes their mother's mother's mother's etc. mother was Hannah) is encourage to take a full mtDNA test and to contact

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