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Status summary

Completed as of May 6, 2021:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Dilly, wife of Alexander Carpenter for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


Fore more information see the list of References at the bottom of this page.

First Generation

See: WikiTree G2G discussion regarding possible idenity. Almost nothing is known of "Dilly" (?Priscilla) the wife of Alexander Carpenter (including whether she was his only wife). "Dilly" was a witness of the 1611 marriage of Isaac Allerton in Leiden. Alexander and Dilly had eight children: Nathaniel (1582), Juliana (1584), Alice (1589), Joan (1590-1610 unm), Ann (1592-p1600 unm), Agnes (1593), Mary (1597 unm) and Priscilla (1598).

Second Generation

Juliana Carpenter was baptized Bath St. James, Somerset, England 7 Mar 1583/4 and died Plymouth 16 Feb 1665. She married twice, first Leiden 23 Jul 1612 George Morton (II) and second New Plimoth 1627 Manasseh Kempton (no children). By her first husband Juliana had five children (born Leiden except youngest supp. born at sea): Nathaniel (1613), Patience (c1615), John (c1616), Sarah (1618) and Ephraim (1623).

Alice Carpenter[1] was born bef Oct 1589 presumably in Somersetshire, England and died Plymouth abt 26 Mar 1670. She married twice, first Leiden 28 May 1613 Edward Southworth (II) and second, New Plimoth 14 Aug 1623 William Bradford. Edward and Alice Southworth had two children (born Leiden): Constant and Thomas. William and Alice had three more children: William, Mercy (m. Benjamin Vermayes, no ch.) and Joseph. Thus, there are no living mt-DNA descendants of Alice.

Agnes Carpenter was baptized Wrington, Somerset, England 16 Dec 1593 and died Leiden bef 3 Jul 1615. She married Leiden 24 Apr 1613 Samuel Fuller (who later was on the Mayflower.) They had a child buried at Leiden 29 Jun 1615. No living descendants.

Priscilla Carpenter was baptized at Wrington, Somerset, England 3 Sep 1598 and died Plymouth 28 Dec 1689. She married twice, first New Plimoth aft 1627 William Wright and second Plymouth 27 Nov 1634 John Cooper. She had no children by either husband.

Third Generation

Patience Morton was born in Leiden abt 1615 and died Plymouth 16 Aug 1691. She married Plymouth bef 1633 John Faunce and they had eight children (Plymouth): Priscilla (1634), Mary (c1638), Patience (c1640), Sarah (1645), Thomas (1647), Elizabeth (1648-1649), Mercy (1651) and Joseph (1653).

Sarah Morton was born in Leiden abt 1618 and died Plymouth 25 Aug 1691. She married Plymouth 20 Dec 1644 George Bonham and they had four children (born Plymouth): Ruth (1645), Patience (c1647), Sarah (c1653) and George (1657)

Mercy Bradford was born in new Plimoth by May 1627.[2] She married Plymouth 21 Dec 1648 Benjamin Vermayes of Boston.[3] Neither Mercy, nor any of her children, were mentioned in Gov. Bradford's 1657 will, so it is assumed she died shortly after marriage, with no surviving children.

Fourth Generation

Priscilla Faunce was born Plymouth in 1634 and died there 15 May 1707. She married before 1653[4] Joseph Warren and they had six children (Plymouth): Mercy (1653 m. John Bradford), Abigail (1655, not in father's 1689 will), Joseph (1657), Patience (1659 m Samuel Lucas), Elizabeth (1662 m Josiah Phinney) and Benjamin (1670).

Mary Faunce was born Plymouth in 1638 and died there 4 Oct 1664 (bur. Burial Hill). She married (as his second wife) Plymouth 16 Jul 1658 William Harlow and they had four children: Mary (1659 m Samuel Dunham), Repentance (1660 m Benoni Lucas), John (c1662) and Nathaniel (1664)

Patience Faunce was born Plymouth about 1640 and died there c1697. She married Plymouth 20 Nov 1661 John Holmes and they had five children (Plymouth): John (1662), Ebenezer (1667), Thomas (1673), Nathaniel (c1675) and Desire (c1678 m John Church)

[1] Sarah Faunce born Plymouth 1645 and died Scituate 27 Jun 1695. She married twice, first Plymouth 26 Feb 1663 Edward Doty (II) and second Scituate 26 Aug 1693 John Buck. She only had children by her first husband: Edward (1664), Sarah (1666 m James Warren & John Bacon), John (1668), Martha (1671 m Thomas Morton), Mary (1671 m Joseph Allyn & Nathaniel Thomas), Elizabeth (1673 m Tobias Oakman), Patience (1676-1691), Mercy (1678-1682), Samuel (1681), Mercy (1684 m Daniel Pratt) and Benjamin (1689).

Mercy Faunce born Plymouth 10 Apr 1651 and died there 11 Feb 1732. She married Plymouth 29 Dec 1667 Nathaniel Holmes and they had seven children (Plymouth): Elisha (1670), Mercy (1673 m Ebenezer Cobb), Nathaniel (1676), Sarah (1680 m John Ellis), John (1682), Elizabeth (1686 no further record) and Eleazer (1688).

Ruth Bonham born Plymouth 1645 and died there before 1685. She married Plymouth 28 Nov 1666 Robert Barrow and they had six children (Plymouth): John (c1667), Eleazer (1669-1669), George (c1670), Samuel (c1672), Mehitable (c1675 m Adam Wright & John Washburn) and Ruth (c1677 m John Briggs).

Patience Bonham born Plymouth about 1647 and died about 1724. She married twice, first c1675 Richard Willis and second, Plymouth about 1681 John Holmes. By her first husband, Patience had one child (Plymouth): Ruhamah "Ammi" (c1675 m Eleazer Rogers). By her second husband Patience had five more children: Richard (c1682), Patience (bp 1684 m James Cobb), Mehitabel (bef 1687 m Manasseh Kempton), Sarah (bef 1690 m Samuel Nelson) and George (c1690).

Sarah Bonham born Plymouth 10 Dec 1653 and died Plympton 10 Jan 1741. She married bef 1678 John Bryant and they had five children: John (1678), James (1682), Ruth (1685 m William Churchill), Joanna (c1690 m Samuel Churchill) and George (1693).

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DNA results TBD

To date, we know of no matrilinear (all female line) descendants of Dilly, wife of Alexander, who has taken a mtDNA test (and published their results).

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