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Status summary

Completed as of March 24, 2021:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line John Tha(t)cher descendants for NGS/WGS SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Still to do as of March 24, 2021

  • NGS/WGS test multiple Tha(t)cher descendants to firmly place family clade as well as discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


First Generation

(Col.) John Thacher was born in that part of Salem which later became Marblehead 17 Mar 1638/9, son of (Rev.) Anthony Thacher & Elizabeth Jones. He died Yarmouth 8 May 1713. John married twice, first Yarmouth 6 Nov 1661 Rebecca Winslow (NOT descended from a Mayflower passenger) and second Yarmouth 1 Jan 1683/4 Lydia Gorham. By his second wife, John had twelve children (born Yarmouth): Lydia (1684/5), Mary (1686/7), Desire (1688), Hannah (1690), Mercy (1692-1692), Judah (son, 1693), Mercy (1695-1696), Ann (1697), Joseph (1699), Benjamin (1701), Mercy (1702/3) and Thomas (1705)

Second Generation

Judah Thacher was born Yarmouth 20 Aug 1693 and died there 8 Jan 1775 (buried at the Ancient Cemetery in Yarmouthport). He married Yarmouth 4 Jun 1724 Sarah Crosby and they had at least eight children (born Yarmouth): infant daughter (1725-1725), Joseph (1726), poss. David (1728-1729), David (1729), Josiah (1732), Judah (1734 unm), Sarah (1737), John (1739) and William (1743).

Col. Joseph Thacher was born Yarmouth 11 Jul 1699 and died there 17 Jun 1763 (buried at the Ancient Cemetery in Yarmouthport). He married Yarmouth 27 Jan 1728 Ruth Hawes and they had five children (born Yarmouth): Desire (1729-1729), Desire (1730), Ebenezer (1733 prob. marr. but nfr), Ruth (1736) and Joseph (1744).

Benjamin Thacher was born Yarmouth 25 Jul 1701[1] and died Harwich in 1768. He married Barnstable 30 Jan 1734/5 Hannah Lumbert and they had eleven children (born Harwich): Jane "Jenne" (1727), Benjamin (1737), Hannah (1739), Sarah (1741), Lydia (1743-1743), Lydia (1744), Jonathan (1746-1746), Jonathan (1748 nfr), Temperance (1750-1753), Samuel (1752) and Temperance (1754).

Thomas Thacher was born Yarmouth 2 Apr 1705 and died in the French & Indian War at Annapolis, Nova Scotia 20 Dec 1746. He married Yarmouth 11 Feb 1731 Thankful Baxter and they had four children (born Yarmouth): Lydia (1736-1736), Thomas (1740 n.f.r.), Elizabeth (1742) and Thankful (1744).

Third Generation

Joseph Thacher was born Yarmouth 10 Sep 1726 and died there 24 Dec 1771. He married Yarmouth 27 Jul 1749 Abigail Hawes and they had eleven children (born Yarmouth): Solomon (1750 m Susannah Crosby), (Capt.) Peleg (1751 m Mercy/Mary Matthews, no children), Ebenezer (1754 m Tamsen Taylor), Lydia (1756), Isaac (1757 unm), Joseph (1759 m Abigail Gorham), Sarah (1761), Temperance (1762), Daniel (1765 d.y.), Barnabas (1768 m Mary Howes) and Ezekiel (1772-1785).

(Hon.) David Thacher was born Yarmouth 14 Mar 1730 and died there 9 Nov 1801. He married 1 Jan 1754 Abigail Russell and they had six children (born Yarmouth): David (d.y.), Judah (d.y.), Judah (d.y.), Mehitable (d.y.), Mehitable (1760-1764) and David (1767 m Sarah Gray & Eunice WELD Noble).

(Lt. Dea.) Josiah Thacher was born Yarmouth 2 Feb 1732 and died there 19 Jan 1802. He married Yarmouth 22 Feb 1759 Desire Crowell and they had eight children (born Yarmouth): Mercy (1760), infant daughter (1761), Judah (1762 unm), James (1764 m Susannah Thacher & Susanna Hall), Josiah (1766 m Lydia Matthews), Desire (1769), Anne (1771) and Edmund (1774 m Polly Bassett).

John was born Yarmouth 25 Aug 1739 and died there 12 Aug 1799. He married Yarmouth 18 Mar 1766 Hannah Matthews and they had eleven children (born Yarmouth): Rebecca (1767), John (1769 m Deborah Sears), Hannah (1771), Isaiah (1773 unm), Job (1776 unm), Elkanah (1779 unm), Sarah "Sally" (twin, 1782), Elizabeth (twin, 1782), Isaac (1784 unm), Matthews (twin, 1788 m Elizabeth Crocker) and Elizabeth (twin, 1788).

(Dea.) William was born Yarmouth 30 Mar 1743 and died Dartmouth 21 May 1729. He married Thankful Hedge and they had eleven children (born Yarmouth): Thankful (d.y.), Thankful (d.y.), Hannah (d.y.), Mehitable (1768 dy), Laban (1772 m Sarah "Sally" Davis), Molly Gorham (1775), Thankful (1780), Judah (1784 m Mary "Polly" Howland & Rebecca R. Custis), William (1784 m Hannah Howland), Mehitable (1787) and Gorham (1790 m Eunice Sears & Phebe V. Soule).

Joseph Thacher was born Yarmouth 19 May 1744 and died in the Rev. War at King's Ferry, NY 16 Feb 1778. He married Susannah Wheldon and they had six children (born Yarmouth): Mary "Polly" (1766), Joseph (1769-1790 unm), Ruth Hawes (1771), Ebenezer (1774-1786), Susannah (1776) and Jonathan Rawson (1782-1800 unm).

Benjamin Thacher (II) was born Yarmouth 11 Feb 1737/8 and died abt 1775. He married Desire Freeman and they had two children (born Harwich, now Brewster): Benjamin and Desire (1758).

(Capt.) Samuel Thacher was born Harwich 17 Jan 1752 and died at sea 23 Dec 1793. He married Harwich 9 Jul 1780 Lucy Fessenden and they had one child: Sarah (1781)

  1. While his birth record had 25 Jul 1702, he had a sibling born Feb 1702/3. His birth date must have been in error.

DNA Results TBD

Previous testing

The Thatcher DNA Project currently does not list the Most Distant Known Paternal Ancestor (MDKPA) of project members, so it cannot be determined whether any of the individuals descend from Col. John Tha(t)cher.

NGS/WGS testing

NGS/WGS testing of Tha(t)cher Y-DNA descendants would identify the haplogroup for the family and possibly define subclades for descendants.

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