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Status summary

As of November 25, 2020:

  • Page created for mtDNA of Sarah Bassett
  • Anyone who believes they may be a mtDNA descendant of Sarah is encouraged to contact

Paper Trail

For more information see: Sherman, Ruth W. and Robert M. Sherman, comp. Robert S. Wakefield, ed., Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: vol. 13 White

First Generation

Sarah Bassett was born in New Plimouth about 1628[1] the daughter of William Bassett and Elizabeth ____. She died in Marshfield 22 Jan 1711/2. "On 6 Mar 1648/9, Peregrin White, and Sara, his wife, both of Marshfield" were presented to the court for fornication before marriage or contract. They were cleared by paying a fine". [2] They had seven children: Daniel (c1648), child (Joseph?) (b1652), Jonathan (1658), Peregrine (c1661), Sarah (1663), Sylvanus (b 1667) and Mercy (c1670).

Second Generation

Sarah White was born in Oct 1663 in Marshfield, and died 9 Aug 1755 in Scituate. She married Scituate in Jan 1689 to Thomas Young. They had nine children: George, John, Sarah (1695-1699), Thomas (d. young), Thomas, Joseph, Ebenezer, Joshua and Isaac

Mercy White was born Marshfield about 1670 and died Marshfield 12 Jun 1739. She married 3 Feb 1697 William Sherman (IV) [1] and they are said to have had six children[3] including Thankful, Sarah, Mary (twin, never married), Abigail (twin, never married)

Third Generation

Thankful Sherman was born Marshfield 10 Apr 1699 and died there 28 Sep 1739. She married twice: first Marshfield 3 Jan 1722/3 Robert Atkins and second Marshfield 26 May 1726 John Polden. There are no known children by Thankful's first marriage. By second husband (Robert Atkins), Thankful had: Mary (1731) and John (1736/7)

Sarah Sherman[2] was born Marshfield 8 May 1701 and died there 7 Aug 1768. She married Marshfield 6 Jan 1725 to (Lieut.) Adam Hall[3]. They had nine children: William (1726), Thomas (1728), Adam (1729), Sarah (1731-1735), Joseph (1733), Sarah (1735 m. David Freeman), Jesse (1737), Mercy (1739 unk. if marr.) and Levi (1744).

Fourth Generation

Mary Polden was born Marshfield 2 Jun 1731. She is believed to have married Plymouth 10 Oct 1757 John Goddard and died there 12 Dec 1800. Sarah and John had seven (but only one surviving) children: Mercy (died aged 6 years), two infants, Lydia (died aged 2 yrs, 3 mos.), Mary (died aged 2 yrs, 6 mos.), another infant, and John (only surviving child).

Sarah Hall was born Marshfield 18 Sep 1735. She may have been the Sarah Hall who married there 2 Dec 1752 David Freeman. Their further history is currently unknown.[4]

Mercy Hall was born Marshfield 12 Sep 1739. No further record.[5]

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To do

  • Further research is needed to discover if there are still any direct matrilineal descendants of Sarah Bassett, wife of Peregrine White.

External links and references

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