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As of February 24, 2023

  • Page created for Elizabeth, wife of John Coombs.
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Elizabeth. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


Their is a clue to the maiden name of Elizabeth, wife of John Coombs. Her children by all three marriages called Joseph Royall (Ryall, etc.) of Boston their uncle. Thus it is likely Elizabeth was either a sister to Joseph, or a sister to his wife Mary ____.

First Generation

Elizabeth was likely born in or near Boston about 1635 and died abt Jan 1672. She married three times and had children by all three husbands, but only her second husband descended from a Mayflower passenger. She married first, Boston 1658 Thomas Barlow, second Boston 24 Feb 1662 John Coombs (II) and thirdly 1668 John Warren. By her second husband she had three children (Boston): Elizabeth (1662), John (1664) and Mary (1666).

Second Generation

Elizabeth Coombs was born Boston 30 Nov 1662 and died Plympton aft 14 Oct 1723. She married Plymouth 12 Jan 1686/7 Eleazer Cushman and they had eight[1] children: Lydia (1687), John (1690), James (c1692), Moses (c1693), Eleazer (c1695), Sarah, William (1710) and Mary.

Mary Coombs was born Boston 28 Nov 1666 and died Plympton 2 Jul 1728 in her 63rd year. She married Plymouth 18 Dec 1689 Benjamin Eaton and they had eleven children: William (1691), Hannah (1692), Jabez (1693), Sarah (1695), John (1697), Benjamin (c1698), Mary (c1699), Francis (1700), Elisha (c1702), poss. Elizabeth (1705) and David (c1708).

Third Generation

Lydia Cushman was born Plymouth (now Plympton) 13 Dec 1687 and died Halifax 7 Jul 1771 ae 82y. 6m. She married Plympton 29 Dec 1709{sic, child born Nov 1709} John Waterman and they had seven children (Plympton): Sarah (1709 m Abiel Leach), Joseph (1710/1), Perez (1713), Anthony (1716), John (1718), Eleazer (1721) and Lydia (1724 m Joshua Palmer & William Cady).

Sarah Cushman was born Plymouth (now Plympton) about 1707 and died Dartmouth bef Aug 1755 (widow remarried). She married Plmypton 23 Nov 1731 Benjamin Spooner and they had six children: Eleazer (1734), Eleanor (c1735-1786 unm.), Benjamin (bp1742), Samuel (bp1742), Phebe (bp1743 m Freeman Pope & John Cornish) and Mary (1746 m John Pickens).

Mary Cushman was born Plympton after 1710. She was likely the mother of Ruth Cushman alias Ruth Sturtevant born Plympton 14 Aug 1727. Her further history is currently unknown.

Hannah Eaton was born Plymouth (now Plympton) 10 Feb 1692/3 and died Plympton 4 Mar 1723/4. She married Plympton 31 Jul 1712 Benjamin Bryant and they had six children (Plympton): Phebe (1713 m David Sears), Mercy (1714/5 m Nehemiah Leach), Hannah (1716/7 m David Curtis), Micah (1719), Jerusha (1721/2 m Solomon Leach) and Jesse (1723)

Sarah Eaton was born Plymouth (now Plympton) 20 Oct 1695 and died Plympton 13 Sep 1737. She married Plympton 8 Jan 1712/3 Benjamin Cushman and they had ten children (Plympton): Jabez (1713), Caleb (1715), Solomon (1717), Jerusha (1719-1727), Benjamin (1722), Sarah (1725-1745/6 unm.), Abigail (1727 m Zabdiel Sampson), Thomas (1730), Jerusha (1732 m George Sturtevant) and Huldah (1735 m David Fearing & John Millard).

Mary Eaton was born Plymouth (now Plympton) about 1699 and died Middleborough about 14 May 1773 in her 74th year. She married Plympton 9 Jun 1720 Zachariah Soule and they had nine children (Plympton): Jabez (1721), Zachariah (1722/3), Mary (1725 unm.), Sarah (1727 m Nathan Tinkham), Ephraim (1729), Hannah (1732 m Church Sturtevant & Nathaniel Hayward), Eunice (1735/6 m Seth Tinkham), James (1738/9) and Lois (1742 m Jabez Vaughan).

  1. Some sources list another child, Deborah. She is not in the Priest Silver Book.

mtDNA Results TBD

To date, no matrilineal descendants of Elizabeth, wife of John Coombs, has publicly revealed where they have taken a mtDNA test and published the results. Matrilineal descendants are encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com

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