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Status summary

Completed as of April 10, 2022:

  • LOW Priority as no known surviving patrilineal (direct male line, Y-DNA) descendants


First Generation

John Coombs' birth and parentage has not been conclusively proven. However, in 1996 noted Mayflower Researcher Robert Wakefield published in The American Genealogist (vol. 71 [1990], pp. 247-50) "The Probable English Origin of Mr. John Coombs of Plymouth Colony." Wakefield stated he was probably baptized at Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England, 13 Mar 1596/7, son of Francis Coomb and Jane Pope.

John died Plymouth 15 Oct 1646. He married Plymouth about 1632 Sarah Priest and they had at least two children (Plymouth): John (c1633) and Francis (c1635).

Second Generation

John Coombs (II) was born Plymouth about 1633 and died Boston before 29 May 1668 He married Boston 24 Feb 1661/2 the widow Elizabeth ___ Barlow[1][2] and they had three children (Boston): Elizabeth (1662), John (1664) and Mary (1666).

Francis Coombs was born Plymouth about 1635 and died Middleborough 31 Dec 1682. He married twice, first 1673 Deborah Morton and second Middleborough about 1678 Mary BARKER Pratt.[3] By his first wife, Francis had two children (Middleborough): Deborah (1673) and Mercy (1675). By his second wife Francis had three more children (Middleborough): Lydia (1679), Ruth (1680/1) and Frances (1682/3).

Third Generation

John Coombs (III) was born Boston 20 Jul 1664 and died Northampton 2 Aug 1732. He married Boston 1689 Elizabeth Ballantine but they are believed to have had no children. If accurate, then the Y-DNA line of this family in America became extinct with John's death.

  1. Widow of Thomas Barlow.
  2. Some sources state (with no evidence) her maiden name may have been Royal.
  3. Mary was the widow of Samuel Pratt and after Francis Coombs death she married third David Wood.

DNA results

As there are no known surviving patrilineal (Y-DNA, direct paternal) descendants of John Coombs, research would need to be conducted in England to identify his family.

External links & References

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