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Status summary

Still to do of December 28, 2022:

  • Recruit matrilineal descendants of Elizabeth Willoughby (second wife of Isaac Allerton [II]) to mtDNA test and publish their results. Such descendants are encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

Elizabeth Willoughby, daughter of Thomas Willoughby and Alice ___ was born Elizabeth City, VA about 1635 and died Westmoreland Co., VA bef. 25 Oct 1702. She married three times[1], but only her last husband descended from a Mayflower passenger: Virginia aft 8 Sep 1662 Isaac Allerton (II) (as his second wife) and they had three children: Willoughby (c1664), Frances (b1669) and Sarah (abt 1670).

Second Generation

Frances Allerton was born Westmoreland Co., VA bef. 1669 and died Richmond Co., VA bef. 20 Feb 1702. She married Rappahannock Co. VA 1 Jul 1685 Samuel Travers and they had four children: Elizabeth (c1689), Rebecca (1692), Winifred (c1694) and Frances (1697 no further record).

Sarah Allerton[2] was born Westmoreland Co., VA abt. 1670 and died Ditchley, VA 17 May 1731. She married[3] Westmoreland Co., VA abt 1700 Hancock Lee and they had five children: Isaac (1702), Ann (c1704), John (c1707), Elizabeth (twin, 1709) and Hancock (twin, 1709).

Third Generation

Elizabeth Travers was born Virginia about 1689 and died Richmond Co., VA aft 28 May 1720. She married twice, first Essex Co. VA abt 1707 Thomas Harwar and second, Richmond, VA 1716 John Tarpley (III). By her first wife, she had three children: Frances (c1707), Elizabeth (c1708), and Ann (c1713). By her second husband she had Travers (c1717), Elizabeth (1720) and John (1720).

Rebecca Travers was born Virginia 15 Oct 1692 and died No. Farnham, VA 29 Dec 1726. She married twice, first Richmond Co. VA abt 1711 John Taverner (no ch.) and second Richmond Co. VA May 1713 Charles Colston. By her second husband she had five children: Charles, Elizabeth, Susannah, Winifred and Travers.

Winifred Travers was born Virginia abt. 1694 and died No. Farnham, VA 10 Aug 1749. She married No. Farnham 28 Nov 1741 Daniel Hornby but the did not have any children.

Sarah Lee was born Virginia abt 1690 and died there abt 1739. She married William Wharton and they had at least William (1736).

Ann Lee was born Northumberland Co., VA aft 1702 and died aft. 3 Sep 1739. She married 1720 William Eustace and they had seven children: John (c1721), Eunice (c1723), William (c1728), Sarah (c1730), Isaac (c1732), Hancock (c1735) and Ann (c1738).

Elizabeth Lee was born Northumberland Co., VA 25 May 1709 and died Orange Co., VA Apr 1753. She married twice, first Northumberland Co., VA abt 1730 Swan Jones and second Orange Co., VA abt 1734 Zachary Taylor. By her first husband she had one child: John (c1733). By her second husband she had four more children: Zachary (1735), Elizabeth (c1739), Hancock (c1742) and Richard Lee[4] (1744).

  1. Married first, 1659 Simon Overzee and second 1 Mar 1661 George Colclough.
  2. Some sources give her name as Elizabeth or Sarah Elizabeth.
  3. Some sources state she married first, ____Newman.
  4. Father of President Zachary Taylor.

DNA results TBD

Further DNA testing needed

Testing of matrilineal descendants is needed. Any male who believes their matrilineal ancestry goes through Elizabeth Willoughby is encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com

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