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Status summary

Completed as of January 30, 2022:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Elizabeth NICHOLS Fuller for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


For more information See Samuel Fuller Silver Book (vol. 10, 1996).

First Generation

Elizabeth Nichols was born Fairfield, CT abt 1637, younger daughter of John Nichols and his currently unknown wife. Elizabeth died Plymouth 11 Nov 1713. She married twice, first Rehoboth abt 1655 Thomas Bowen (no Mayflower connection) and second abt 1665 (Rev.) Samuel Fuller (II) and they had six children: Elizabeth (1666), John (1667), Experience (1670), Hannah (c1671), Mercy (c1672) and Isaac (16744)

Second Generation

Elizabeth Fuller was born 1666 and died Middleborough in 1723. She married Middleborough 24 May 1694 Samuel Eaton (II) and they had four children: Mercy (1695 no ch.), Keziah (1700-1710), Elizabeth (1701) and Barnabas (1703).

Experience Fuller was born Bridgewater 1670 and died Middleborough 21 Dec 1728. She married Bridgewater 12 Apr 1693 James Wood and they had seven children: Lydia (1694), Jonathan (1697), James (1699), Barnabas (c1701), Benjamin (1703), Abel (1706) and Ichabod (c1709).

Hannah Fuller was born abt 1671 and died Middleborough aft 11 Jun 1707. She married Plymouth 27 Jul 1696 Eleazer Lewis (Lewes) and they had five children: Edward (c1698), Susanna (1700 no further record), Hannah (1703), Elizabeth (c1705 no further record) and Shubael (c1707).

Mercy Fuller was born Plymouth abt 1672 and died Eastham 25 Sep 1735. She married Daniel Cole and they had at least one child (Eastham): Abigail (1705)

Third Generation

Elizabeth Eaton was born Middleborough 26 Jul 1701 and died Taunton 5 May 1680. She married Middleborough 21 Jun 1717 William Canedy and they had four children (Middleborough): Mercy (c1728 m Joseph Williams), William (1729), Hannah (1737 m Abiel Peirce) and Thankful (c1739 m Joseph Macomber).

Lydia Wood was born Middleborough in 1694 and died there 11 Feb 1746. She married Plymouth 5 Feb 1718 George Holmes and they had at least two children: George (1720) and Richard (1723).

Hannah Lewis was born Middleborough abt 6 Jun 1703 and died East Bridgewater 10 Feb 1793. She married Thomas Snell and they had nine children: Thomas (1730), Deliverance (1732 m Nathaniel Chamberlain), Eleazer (1732), Joseph (1734), Hannah (1736 no further record), Polycarpus (1737), William (1740), Barnabas (1743) and Seth (1747).

Abigail Cole was born Eastham 12 Jul 1705 and died there in 1771. She married Eastham 5 Oct 1721 Ebenezer Higgins and they had six children (Eastham): Cornelius (1722), Experience (1724 m David Brown), Isaiah (1726), Asenath (1727 m James Atwood), Elkanah (1729) and Ebenezer (1731).

DNA results H1

To date, we know of no matrilineal (all female line) descendants of Elizabeth NICHOLS Fuller, who has taken a mtDNA test. However, a non-Mayflower line, matrilineally descended from a sister of Elizabeth Nichols has published their mtDNA results of H1 at WikiTree[1]

  1. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Sample-821

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