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Status summary

Completed as of October 1, 2020:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line Bullock descendants for NGS/WGS SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com
  • Y-SNP tested to R1b-DF25 and predicted to fall under R1b L21>DF13>DF21>>DF5>BY23559.

Still to do as of August 29, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test multiple descendants of Richard Bullock to firmly place family clade as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


For more information see: Wakefield, Robert S., Mayflower Families through Five Generations vol. 7: Brown General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA 1992, rev. 2002

First Generation

William Snow was born possibly in Dorsetshire England about 1624 and died at Bridgewater 31 Jan 1708. He came to New England on the ship Elizabeth & Ann as an apprentice of Richard Derby in 1635. In 1638 he was assigned to Edward Doten of Plymouth for period of 7 years. He married about 1654 to Rebecca Brown. They had eight children: Mary (c1658) William (1662), Hannah (1664), Joseph (c1664), James (c1665, never married), Lydia (c1667 unk. if marr.), Benjamin (1668) and Rebecca (1671).

Second Generation

William Snow (II) was born (West) Bridgewater 4 Mar 1662 and died Bridgewater before 7 Nov 1726.[1] He married there "last of" Nov 1686 Naomi Whitman and they had six children (W. Bridgewater): Bethiah (1688), James (1691 prob. unm.), Susannah (1694), William (1697), Eleazer (1701) and John (1704).

Joseph Snow was born in Bridgewater about 1664 and died there 18 Dec 1753. He married Bridgewater about 1689 to Hopestill Alden. They had seven children:[2] Joseph (1690), Mary (1691), James 1693, Rebecca (1696), Isaac (1700), Jonathan (1703) and David (1703).

Benjamin Snow was born in Bridgewater 12 Dec 1668 and died there 28 May 1743. He married at Bridgewater 12 Dec 1693 to Elizabeth Alden. They had five children (Bridgewater): Rebekah (1694), Benjamin (1696), Solomon (1698), Ebenezer (1701) and Elizabeth (1705).

Third Generation

William Snow (III) was born West Bridgewater 14 Aug 1697 and died Bridgewater 24 Mar 1789. He married there 8 Nov 1722 married Mary Washburn and they had five children (Bridgewater): William (1723 m Hannah Hill), Seth (1725 m Betty Sprague), James (1729 m Mary Edson), Mary (1731) and Susanna (1736).

Eleazer Snow was born West Bridgewater 14 Jul 1701 and died there 18 Feb 1796. He there 11 Jul 1728 married Mercy King and they had four children (Bridgewater): Elizabeth (1729), Reuben (1731 m Hannah Willis), Eleazer (1734 m Mary Wood) and Daniel (1742 m Hannah Dunbar).

John Snow was born Bridgewater 14 Aug 1704 and died there 4 Sep 1786. He married West Bridgewater 11 Jul 1731 Hannah Hayward (d. 1 Aug 1756, no ch.) He poss. married second Bridgewater 30 Nov 1756 Hannah HARLOW Willis and they had two children (Bridgewater): Sarah (1758) and John (1762 m Mary Ames & Hannah HAYWARD Perkins).

Joseph Snow (II) was born Bridgewater 7 Sep 1690 and died Providence, RI 23 Jul 1773. He married twice, first Bridgewater in 1713 Elizabeth Field then Providence, RI aft 1768 Marcy Smith (no ch.) By his first wife Joseph had ten children (all but youngest Bridgewater): Joseph (1715 m Sarah Field, Rebecca Grant & Margaret Proctor), John (1717-1738 unm), Elizabeth (1719), Susanna (1721), Sarah (1723), Daniel (1727 m Elizabeth Searle), James (1730 m Hannah Searle), Mary (1733), Lydia (1736-1738) and John (1739-1739).

James Snow was born Bridgewater 16 Aug 1693 and died West Bridgewater 28 Aug 1749. He married twice, first Bridgewater 1719 Ruth Shaw then Weymouth 6 Aug 1741 Hannah Hovey (no ch.) By his first wife James had 11 children: Ruth (1720), Abijah (1721 unm.), Mary (1723), Nathan (1725 m Mary Mansfield), Abigail (1727), Susanna (1729), Jedediah (1731 unm.), Sarah (1732), James (1734 d.y.) and John (1736 m Hepzibah Hall).

Isaac Snow was born Bridgewater 22 Jul 1700 and died there 10 Jul 1737. He married Bridgewater 19 Nov 1722 Hannah Shaw and they had six children: Hannah (1723), Isaac (1725/6 m Elizabeth Bowditch & Hannah Hunkins), Martha (1728), Peter (1731 m Eunice Atherton), Joseph (1734 d.y.) and Judith (1736).

Jonathan was born Bridgewater 27 Sep 1703 and died Middleborough 17 Jan 1783. He married twice, first Middleborough 18 Dec 1728 Sarah Soule and second Middleborough 22 Jan 1746 Ruth Bennett (no children) By his first wife he had eight children: Samuel (1729 m Deborah Tinkham & Jediah Bumpas), Jesse (1730/1 m Mary Eaton), Sarah (1732), Rebecca (1734), Jonathan (1735/6 m Betty Packard), Moses (1737 no further rec.), Aaron (1740-1741) and Ruth (1747).

David was born in Bridgewater 27 Sep 1703 and died there 13 Oct 1770. He married Bridgewater 11 Mar 1731 Joanna Hayward and they had six children: David (c1732 unk. if marr.), Joseph (1734 m Ruth Shaw), Joanna (1735), Mehitabel (1737), Lydia (1739/40) and Rhoda (1742).

Benjamin (II) was born Bridgewater 23 Jun 1696 and died there 29 Oct 1760. He married Bridgewater 7 Mar 1721/2 Jemima Snell and they had eleven children (Bridgewater): Jemima (1722/3), Benjamin (1724), Daniel (1726), Elijah (1728), Elizabeth (1730), Charity (1733), Lucia/Lucy (1735), Amos (1737/8), Joseph (1740), Seth (1743) and Joseph (1746).

Solomon was born Bridgewater 6 Apr 1698 and died there bef. 26 Jan 1741. He married Bridgewater 8 Apr 1724 Bathsheba Mahurin and they had at least three children: Lemuel (1729), Bathsheba (1731), and a child who died in 1739.

Ebenezer was born Bridgewater 29 Mar 1701 and died Raynham 30 Nov 1786. He married three times, first Bridgewater 1728 Sarah Pratt, second Bridgewater 14 Dec 1737 Sarah HOOPER Leach and finally Raynham 14 Nov 1762 Lydia DEANE Wilbore. By his first wife he had four children (Bridgewater): Ebenezer (1729), Nathaniel (1731), Sarah (1733) and Caleb (1736). By his second wife he had seven additional children: Francis (1740), Solomon (1741), Rebecca (1742/3), Zebedee (1744/5), John, Eli and Mary.

  1. His son James was appointed administrator of his (intestate) estate.
  2. Some sources give them two more sons: Solomon and Nathan born between Rebecca and Isaac.

DNA results R-S17075

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Snow DNA Project Subgrouping: "Lineage 3 William" has seven individuals, all STR matches to each other, with three claiming William Snow (1624-1708) was their Most Distant Known Patrilineal (all male line) Ancestor (MDKPA). None of these individuals have done Y-SNP testing, and FTDNA predicts they fall under R1b-M269. Two of the individuals have done 111 Y-STR testing and plugging in the values in the Nevgen.org Haplogroup predictor comes up with a 100% probability of the family falling under P312>DF19>DF88>>S4268>Z17112>S17075.

Further needed testing

We need additional direct male-line descendants of William Snow to WGS/NGS test to both confirm the lineage as well as to refine the haplogroup further and delineate descendant clades.

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