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Status summary

Completed as of March 28, 2021:

  • Low priority as it appears there are no living descendants of Nathan Townsend. It may be possible to obtain Y-DNA results from living Y-DNA descendants of Nathan's brothers.


First Generation

Nathan Townsend was born Boston 5 Jul 1677, son of Thomas Townsend & Mary Davis. He died in 1756. He married twice, first Elizabeth, daughter of Jabez Howland and they had one child (born Newport): Nathan (c1706)

Second Generation

Nathan Townsend (II) was born Newport about 1706 and died in Newport 7 Jan 1742 in his 36th year. His father's will failed to list any children for Nathan (the father left everything to his surviving widow), so it is assumed he never had children and likely never married.

DNA results TBD

Current results

The Townsend Society of America DNA Project currently does not publicly display their DNA results.

NGS/WGS testing

Y-DNA descendant(s) of Nathan Townsend need to publicly disclose their Y-DNA results in order to place their family.

External links & References

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