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Status summary

Completed as of March 28, 2022:

  • Unknown whether any surviving matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants today.
  • Recruiting matrilineal Sarah STRONG Cushman descendants for full mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact


First Generation

Sarah Strong was born Coventry, CT 1674, daughter of Jedediah Strong and Freedom Woodward. She died Lebanon, CT 25 Dec 1726. Sarah married Thomas Cushman (III) and they had six children (prob. Lebanon): William, Thomas (c1705), Zibiah (c1708), Eleazer (bp 1720), Ruth and Lydia (bp 1730 n.f.r.)

Second Generation

Zibiah Cushman was born prob. Lebanon, CT about 1708 and died Tolland, CT 19 Nov 1743. She married Tolland Josiah Cooke and they had six children (Tolland): Sarah (1729), Lydia (1732), Submit (1734/5-1758 unm.), Zibiah (1737/8), Josiah (1739/40) and Ruth (1742/3)

Ruth Cushman was born prob. Lebanon, CT after 1709 and died after Apr 1791. She married Lebanon 24 May 1732 Jonathan Hunt and they had eight children (Lebanon): Hulda (1732/3), Vesta (1735), Lura (1738), Jasper (1745), Sarah (1747), Jonathan (1749/50) and Theodora (1756 unk. if marr.)

Third Generation

Sarah Cooke was born Tolland, CT 21 Nov 1729 and died Annapolis, Nova Scotia 25 Sep 1806. She married Kingston 1 Jun 1752 Samuel Harris and they had four children: Sarah (1753 m Obadiah Hill & Josiah Hitchings), John (1758), Lydia (c1759 m Robert Laidley) and Christopher (1768).

Lydia Cooke was born Tolland, CT 23 Oct 1732. She married Stephen Paine.

Zibiah Cooke was born Tolland, CT 28 Jan 1737/8. She married Joseph Bisbee and they had at least: Elisha.

Ruth Cooke was born Tolland, CT 15 Feb 1742/3 and died after 1780. She is said to have married 27 Sep 1770 Isaac Fox and they had at least: Abraham (1780) and Tirzah (1783 m ___ Loveland).

Hulda Hunt was born Lebanon, CT 26 Jan 1732/3 and died Haddam, CT 20 May 1800. She married twice, first Colchester, CT 7 Dec 1752 Timothy Pepoon and second Hebron, CT 30 Oct 1760 Samuel Emmons. She had by her second husband: Samuel (1761).

Vesta Hunt was born Lebanon, CT 15 Jul 1735 and died 2 Nov 1829. She married Abraham Williams.

Lura Hunt was born Lebanon, CT 26 Nov 1738 and died Manchester, CT 13 Nov 1818. She married Hebron, CT 30 Oct 1760 Abner Jones and they had: Abner (1761), Oliver (1763), Lura (1768 m Zopher Gee), Elias (1771) and Bethuel (1774).

Sarah Hunt was born Lebanon, CT 11 Jul 1747 and died Columbia, CT 12 Aug 1816. She married Lebanon 12 Sep 1765 (Sgt.) Samuel West and they had seven children: Joel (1766), Parthena (1770), Vilatia (1772 m Gilbert Lincoln), Submit (1773), Samuel (1776), Charles (1784) and Sophia (1786 m ___ Lyman)

DNA results TBD

Previous mtDNA testing

To date, no known direct female line descendants of Sarah STRONG Cushman are known to have done mtDNA testing and published their results. Anyone who believes they descend in a direct female line (ie mother's mother's mother's etc mother) is encouraged to contact

References & External Links

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