Rebecca, wife of Samuel White (mtDNA)

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Status summary

Completed as of Aug 7, 2022:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Rebecca, wife of Samuel White for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact


First Generation

No maiden name for Rebecca, wife of Samuel White, has been discovered in any contemporary record.[1] The Rochester Vital Records state where Samuel White had a record of his family's births entered. It stated both Samuel and Rebecca were born "about" 13 Mar 1646.[2] They were married about 1669 and Rebecca died at Rochester 25 Jun 1711 in her 65th year. Rebecca and Samuel had nine children (all recorded Rochester): John (1669), Samuel (1671), Elizabeth (1673, no further record), Melatiah (1676), Judith (1678, no further record), Helikiah (1682), Susanna (1682), Penelope (1687) and William (1690).

Second Generation

Susanna White was born Rochester 5 Apr 1682 and died there bef 10 Nov 1733. She married Sandwich 9 Sep 1703 Abraham Ashley and they had four children: Rebecca (1704 no further record), Mercy (1708), William (1710) and Elizabeth (1711).

Penelope White was born Rochester 12 Mar 1687 and died there before 23 Nov 1738. She married Rochester 31 May 1704 Peter Crapo (Crapeau) and they had ten children (Rochester): Francis (1705), Susanna (1707), Peter (1709), John (1711/2), Mary (1713), Elizabeth (c1715), Rebecca (1718), Hezekiah (1720), Nicholas (1720) and Seth (1722).

Third Generation

  1. Some sources state her maiden name may have been Lapham or Greene, but no contemporary evidence has been found for either of these claims.
  2. The Town of Rochester was not settled until the 1680's so neither Samuel, nor his wife were born there. Samuel was born in Scituate, and it is possible his wife may have been born there as well.

DNA results TBD

To date, we know of no matrilinear (all female line) descendants of Rebecca, wife of Samuel White, has taken a mtDNA test and published their results. Matrilineal descendants are encouraged to contact