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Status summary

Completed as of March 28, 2022:

  • Unknown whether any surviving matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants today.
  • Recruiting matrilineal Patience STAFFORD Howland descendants for full mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact


First Generation

Patience Stafford was born about 1669 and died Bristol (MA, now in RI) 23 Oct 1721, aged 32, daughter of Samuel Stafford and Mercy Westcott. Patience married about 1701 (as his first wife) Jabez Howland (II) and they had nine children (Bristol): Bethiah (1702), Mary/Mercy (1704), Patience (1706-1707), Elizabeth (1707-1707), Elizabeth (1709), Sarah (1711), Jabez (1713), Patience (1716/7) and Thomas (1719/20).

Second Generation (all born Bristol, then in MA now in RI)

Bethiah Howland was born 8 Dec 1702. She married three times, first Bristol 19 May 1725 Nicholas Bragg, second there 29 Aug 1733 Simon Davis (no ch.) and third (int. Bristol 23 Nov 1741) Daniel Green. By her first husband she had two children: Nicholas (1728) and William (1729/30-1730/1). By her third husband she had one more child (Bristol): Deborah (1745).

Mary/Mercy Howland was born 27 Jan 1704 and was living when her father's estate was divided in Jun 1734. She married twice, first Bristol 22 Nov 1722 George Pease/Pearse and second there 9 Jul 1724 Isaac Martindale (II). By her first husband she had: Comfort (bp 1723)

Elizabeth Howland was born 17 Jul 1709. She married Bristol 3 Oct 1733 Otis Little and they had three children (Pembroke): Charles (1734), William (1736) and Mary (1738).

Sarah Howland was born 30 Apr 1711 and died Barrington, RI 3 Sep 1798 aged 88 years. She married three times, first Bristol 27 Aug 1732 Isaac Lawton, second there 8 Aug 1752 James Brown and third Matthew Watson (no ch.) By her first husband she had six children (Bristol): Thomas (bp 1733-1733), John (1734), William (1737), Isaac (bp 1740), Patience (bp 1744) and Joshua (1746/7). By her second husband, she had one more child (Warren, RI): Sarah (1754).

Patience Howland was born 23 Mar 1716/7 and died Pembroke 2 May 1802, aged 85. She married Bristol 6 Dec 1739 Samuel Barker and they had nine children (Scituate): Patience (1740), Hannah (1742), William (1744), Deborah (1747-1819 unm.), Samuel (1749-1753), Jeremiah (1752), Bethiah (1755), Samuel (bp 1757 d.y.) and Samuel (1762).

Third Generation

Deborah Green was born Bristol 24 May 1745

Comfort Pease/Pearse was bp Bristol 5 Jan 1723/4. She married twice, first Warwick, RI 21 Nov 1745 Henry Mathewson/Matteson and second, Middletown, RI 1 Jun 1758 Benjamin Coggeshall. She had one child out of wedlock: Sarah (c1744 m ___ Gifford). By her first husband she had five children: Rachel (1748-b1760), Marcy (c1750 m ___ Gifford), Nicholas (1752), Isaac (c1755) and Mary (1758 m Corpe Essex). By her second husband, she had three more children: Henry (1759), Charles (1763) and Pearce (c1767).

Mary Little was born Pembroke in Jun 1738.

Patience Lawton was bp Bristol 13 May 1744. She married Smith Marcy

Sarah Brown was born Warren, RI 11 Jun 1754. She married John Bullock

Patience Barker was born Scituate 27 Oct 1740 and died Hanson 3 Feb 1821. She married Scituate 10 Jun 1761 Thomas Joslyn/Josselyn and they had at least: Bethiah Thacher (1767 m Barnabas Perry).

Hannah Barker was born Scituate 5 Jul 1742 she married twice, first Nathaniel Bryant and second Prince Barker

Bethiah Barker was born Scituate 27 Jun 1755.

DNA results TBD

Previous mtDNA testing

To date, no known direct female line descendants of Patience STAFFORD Howland are known to have done mtDNA testing and published their results. Anyone who believes they descend in a direct female line (ie mother's mother's mother's etc mother) is encouraged to contact

References & External Links

  • Lainhart, Ann Smith & Jane Fletcher Fisk, Mayflower Families through Five Generations, Volume 23 Part III (sons Joseph & Jabez) General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA 2012