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Status summary

Completed as of April 25, 2022:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line Zachariah Paddock descendants (and preferably through his son, Capt. Judah) for NGS/WGS SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact


First Generation

(Capt.) Judah Paddock was born Yarmouth 15 Sep 1681, son of Zachariah Paddock and Deborah Sears. Judah died there 31 Mar 1770. He married Duxbury 5 Dec 1706 Alice Alden and they had seven children (Yarmouth): Reuben (1707), Judah (1710), Samuel (1711), Mary (1715), Grace (1716), Rebeca (1718) and Nathaniel (1723/4).

Second Generation

(Capt.) Reuben Paddock was born Yarmouth 27 Dec 1707 and died Duxbury in 1770. He married Yarmouth 1738 Rebecca Hand and they had at least four children: Ebenezer (1740), Jonathan (1743), Reuben (1746) and William (1753).

Judah Paddock (II) was born Yarmouth 27 Mar 1710 and died Dartmouth 21 May 1748. It is currently unknown whether he ever married.

Samuel Paddock was born Yarmouth 12 Oct 1711 and died there 27 Jul 1757. He married Yarmouth 2 Dec 1744 Thankful Howes. They had at least: Samuel (1748), Judah (1749) and Mary (1750).

Nathaniel Paddock was born Yarmouth 27 Feb 1723/4 and died Rochester 6 Nov 1758. He married Dartmouth 27 Aug 1747 Eunice Delano and they had five children (Rochester): Alice (1748), Stephen (1750), Grace (1752), Daniel (1754) and Hannah (1756).

Third Generation

DNA Results R1b-M269

Previous testing

Wikitree profile for Jim Beers claims he is a patrilineal descendant of Zachariah Paddock (father of Capt. Judah). Jim states he has taken a Y-DNA 67 marker STR test at Family Tree DNA and FTDNA predicts he falls under R1b-M269.[1]

Additional testing needed

Additional testing is needed to verify and refine the haplogroup of the Paddock family.

  1. As of 20 Oct 2020 Family Tree DNA does not have a Paddock (etc.) surname DNA Project, but has 37 kits associated with the Paddock (exact spelling) surname.

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