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Status summary

Completed as of February 28, 2023:

  • Patrilineal (direct male-line) descendants of Ephraim Norcut are encouraged to Y-DNA test and contact


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First Generation

Ephraim Norcut, son of William Norcut and Sarah Chapman was born Marshfield 4 Nov 1683 and died aft Apr 1753. He married Marshfield 30 Jan 1713 Elizabeth Bonney and they had six children: Ebenezer (1714), Elizabeth (1716), Bonney (1718-1741 unm.), Patience (1722), Ephraim (1725-1757 likely unm.) and John (1732).

Second Generation

Ebenezer Norcut was born Marshfield 11 Jun 1714. He married Kingston 16 Sep 1738 Susanna Severy and they had at least: Elizabeth (1745).

John Norcut was born Marshfield 6 Apr 1732 and died there 30 Dec 1802. He married Middleborough 21 Sep 1754 Mary Hayford and they had six children: John (1755), Ephraim (1758), Zenas (1759), Elizabeth (1769), William (1775) and Phebe (1776).

Third Generation

DNA results TBD

As of February 28, 2023, Family Tree DNA does not have a Norcut/Norcutt surname DNA project, but has two kits associated with the Norcutt surname.

Further testing needed

Known patrilineal descendants of Ephraim Norcut are needed to Big Y test, contact and disclose their lineage in order to define the family clade.

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