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Status summary

As of November 25, 2020:

  • Major challenges to discovering matrilineal descendants
  • Anyone who believes they may be a mtDNA descendant of Mary Evans is encouraged to contact

Paper Trail

For more information see list of References at bottom of page.

Very little is known about Mary Evans. Her first known record is her marriage at St. Peter, Sandwich, Kent, England 30 Oct 1589 to Moses Fletcher.[1] She was apparently the mother of all of Moses' legitimate children and died sometime before Dec 1613, when Moses remarried. They had ten children: Mary (bp. 4 Jan 1589/90, no further record), John (b. abt 1592), Catherine (bp. 1 Sep 1594, no further record), Richard (bp. 2 Jan 1596/7, no further record), Priscilla (bp. 24 Mar 1599/1600), Moses (bp. 10 Oct 1602, bur. 21 Apr 1603), Elizabeth (bp. 8 Apr 1604), Jane (bp. 8 Feb 1606/7, no further record), Moses (bp. 2 Apr 1609, no further record), and Judith (bur. 6 Nov 1609).

Second Generation[2]

Priscilla Fletcher[3] was bp. St. Peter, Sandwich 24 Mar 1599/1600 and died aft 1652.. She was married three times: First Leiden 4 Apr 1626 [NS] Thomas Coit/Koet; second Leiden 1 Jun 1637 [NS] Help/Solomon Terry and third Leiden 19 Jul 1652 [NS] Jan Jans Vermout. Priscilla and her first husband had the following children:[4] Sarah (b. ca 1627), Dirick (son, b. ca 1632), Dorothea (abt 1629, called aged 23 in Jul 1652) and Jan Thomasz (son, bp. 15 Sep 1634 [NS]). Priscilla and her second husband had one daughter, Mary (b. abt 1637, age 15 in Jul 1652).

Elizabeth Fletcher was bp. 8 Apr 1604 and died likely at Leiden aft 28 Sep 1677. She married twice, first to Casper Barnaart and second Leiden 21 May 1636 Michiel Voorchoren. By her second husband, Elizabeth had four children: Johannes (bp 1637), Judith (bp 1640), Maria (bp 1642 Mary, m. Wijnand Smith) and Michiel (bp 1645). According to an article in the Winter 2020 American Ancestors magazine, this line "seems eventually to become extinct" (that is to say there are likely no living descendants of Elizabeth Fletcher).

Third Generation

Dorothea Koet married, St. Peter, Leiden 21 May 1657 Jan Barentz Van Outhuysen. They had three children: Dorothea, Johannes, and Elisabeth.

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Summary of findings

It would appear that there are no known direct matrilineal descendants of Mary Evans, first wife of Moses Fletcher. Since the family remained in Leiden, finding matrilineal descendants is a real challenge.

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