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Status summary

Completed as of March 24, 2021:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line Josiah Cooke descendants for NGS/WGS SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact


First Generation

Josiah Cooke was born in England circa 1610 and died Eastham 17 Oct 1673. The circumstances and date he emigrated to Plymouth Colony is currently unknown, but he was first found in Plymouth 24 Mar 1633/4 when he was fined for being in a fight with Edward Doty. He married Nauset (now Eastham) 16 Sep 1635 Elizabeth Ring and they had three children: Ann Cooke (c1636 m Mark Snow, Bethiah (c1640) and Josiah (c1649).

Second Generation

Josiah Cooke (II) was born either at Plymouth or Eastham abt 1649, son of Josiah Cooke & Elizabeth RING Deane. He died Eastham 31 Jan 1731/2. Josiah married Eastham 27 Jul 1668 Sarah, daughter of Giles Hopkins and they had eight children (born Eastham): Elizabeth (1669-1670), Josiah (1670), Richard (1672), Elizabeth (1674), Caleb (1676), Deborah (1678/9), Joshua (1682) and Benjamin (1686/7).

Third Generation

Josiah Cooke (III) was born Eastham 12 Nov 1670 and living in 1730 at Middletown, CT. He married Mary ___ and they had at least five children: Desire (1694), Deborah (1696), John (1698), Mary (1699/1700) and Solomon (bp 1711). They likely also had the following children: Joshua (c1702), Elizabeth (c1704), Hannah (c1707) and Jacob (c1708)

Richard Cooke was born Eastham 1 Sep 1672 and died there 25 Apr 1754. He married Hannah ?Smith and they had nine children (born Eastham): Thomas (1697), Hannah (1699/1700), Caleb (1702), Elizabeth (1704), Sarah (1707), Deborah (1710), Anne (1712), Abigail (1715) and Thankful (1717).

Caleb Cooke was born Eastham 15 Nov 1676 and died aft Jan 1737/8. He married Yarmouth 18 Oct 1710 Deliverance Crowell and they had six children (first two Eastham, others Truro): Elizabeth (1711-1715), Abigail (1712-1715), Experience (bp1716), Cornelius (twin 1719 m Abigail Hatch unk if ch), Mary (twin 1719) and Ephraim (1722-1729).

Joshua Cooke was born Eastham 4 Feb 1682 and died abt 1742. He married Eastham 7 Feb 1705/6 Patience Doane and they had fourteen children (born Eastham): Martha (1706), Josiah (1707), Joshua (1708/9), Mercy (1710), Ebenezer (1711), Ephraim (1712), Ruhama (1713/4), Simeon (1715), Moses (1717 nfr), Zaccheus (c1719), Ruhama (c1721), Jonathan (c1723), Mary (c1725) and Hezekiah (c1728).

Benjamin Cooke was born Eastham 28 Feb 1686/7 and died aft 7 Dec 1727. He married Eastham 23 Nov 1710 Mercy Paine and they had four children (born Eastham): Shubael (1711 nfr), Joseph (c1714 nfr), Nathaniel (1717) and Richard (1718).

Fourth Generation

John Cooke was born Eastham 9 Apr 1698 and died aft 1746. He married Truro 15 Mar 1721/2 Desire Hatch and they had at least seven children: poss. Jacob (m Marcy ____), poss. Jonathan (m Deborah ____), Mary (1728), John (1730 m Mary ?Downs), John (1732 m Abigail Blake), George (1740 unk if marr), Hannah (1742), Desire (1744) and Sarah (1746).

Solomon Cooke was baptized Truro 18 Nov 1711 and died Provincetown 21 Nov 1781 in 73rd yr. He married Truro 4 Jun 1733 Rebecca Cowell and they had at least six children (surname Cook): Mary (1733), Solomon (1737 m Betsy ___ & Catherine Stafford), Rebecca (1740), Edward (1746 m Experience ___), Jonathan (1753 m Mercy Tilton), Samuel (1756 m Jane Nickerson) poss. Barnabas (m Sarah Whorf), poss. Elisha (m Susanna Atwood) poss. John (m Mary Newcomb) and poss. Lemuel (dy).

Thomas Cook was born Eastham 27 Apr 1697 and died in 1774. He married Eastham 22 Oct ?1722 Dinah Doane and they had eight children: Rebecca (1720), Gideon (1722 poss dsp), Sarah (1724), Asenath (1726), Dinah (1732/3), Thomas (m Hannah Tryon), Jesse (m Ruth Fairchild, Rhoda Talcott & Anne SMITHSON Griswold) and Samuel Doane (bp 1743 m Rebekah Picket).

Caleb Cook was born Eastham 11 Sep 1702. He married twice, first Eastham 7 Apr 1726 Hannah Brown (no children) and second Eastham 20 Feb 1728/9 Lydia Walker. By his second wife he had four children (born Eastham): Samuel (1732 m Deborah Atwood), Lydia (1736), Caleb (1742 m Jean/Jane Smith) and Susannah (1744).

Josiah Cook was born Eastham 30 Aug 1707 and died Chatham (now East Hampton), CT in Jun 1775. He married Eastham 11 Feb 1730/1 Hannah Sparrow and they had ten children: Elijah (1731/2 dy), Elizabeth (1733/4), Josiah (1735 m Mary Ryder), Elijah (1737 m Hannah Haile), Joshua (1740 m Maria ?Cook & Elizabeth Cary), Moses (1742 m Elizabeth Cone & Ede CLARK Norton), Mercy (1745), Hannah (bp1748), Rhoda (bp 1750) and Richard (1753 m Mary Rowley & Susanna Brown).

Joshua Cook was born Eastham 23 Mar 1708/9 and died Guilford, CT 13 Mar 1801. He married Eastham 8 Oct 1730 Zilpha Brown (daughter of Ruth Snow) and they had five children (four at Eastham, last bp Mansfield, CT): James (1731-1759 unm), Marcy (1733), Isaiah (1735 dy), Isaiah (1737-1758 unm) and Joshua (1740 m Mary Cook).

Ebenezer Cook was born Eastham 25 Nov 1711 and died 1893. He married Eastham 9 Oct 1735 Mercy Paine (daughter of John Paine & a Constance Hopkins descendant). They had six children: Ruth (1736/7), John (bp1741-1762), Rebecca (bp 1743), Ebenzer (bp 1746 m Mary West & Abigail West), Gideon (bp 1751/2 m Huldah Lisk) and Mary (bp 1755).

Ephraim Cook was born Eastham 16 Sep 1712 and died aft Feb 1778. He married Eastham 12 Feb 1734/5 Mary Merrick (desc. Stephen Hopkins) and they had ten children: Shubael (1736 m Catherine Edwards), Moses (c1738 m Eunice Allin), Reuben (1741 m Elizabeth Edwards & Maria Turner), Ephraim (c1743 m Huldah Loomis), Mary, Joseph (c1750 m Jerusha Turner & Mehitable Badcock), Nathan (c1754 m Mary Young), John (c1756 m Sarah Reynolds), Abigail (c1758) and Elizabeth (c1759).

Simeon Cook was born Eastham 24 Aug 1715 and died New Marlboro abt 1765. He married (int Eastham 16 Nov 1738) Melatiah Robbins and they had nine children (order uncertain): Ruhama (c1739), Moses (c1740 m Hannah Howe), Martha, Abigail, Priscilla, Mary, Thankful, Joseph (1751 m Abigail Peck & Olive ___) and Simeon (d 1775 unm).

Zaccheus Cook was born Eastham abt 1719 and died Chatham (now East Hampton), CT 19 Apr 1812. He married Middletown, CT 9 May 1747 Mary Hubbard and they had at least six children: Mary (1748), Zaccheus (1751 m Mercy Goff), Martha (1755), Huldah (1758), poss. Zuba, poss. Nathaniel (m Olive Rowley), Asa (bp 1766) and Mehitable (bp 1769).

Jonathan Cook was born Eastham abt 1723 and died Haddam, CT bef 29 Oct 1804. He married Deborah Robards and they had nine children (bp Haddam Neck, CT Church): Jonathan (1752-1777 unm), Deborah (1754), Nathaniel (1756 m Annis Sears), Hannah (1758), Ichabod (1759 unk if marr), Amos (1762 m Jane Bailey), Jemima (1768), Patience (1771) and Ruhama (1775).

Hezekiah Cook was born Eastham abt 1728 and died New Marlboro 23 Apr 1793. He married Lydia ____ and they had nine children: Eunice (c1757), Azubah (d 1836), Solomon (1761 m Elizabeth Peck), Benjamin (1764-1773), Russell (1766 m Martha Keyes & Rebecca _____), Eli (1768 m Rachel Church), Patience (1771), Patience (1771), Levi N. (1774 prob. m Betty Brown) and Benjamin Warren (1777).

Nathaniel Cooke was born Eastham 6 Jul 1717. He married (int Eastham 27 Sep 1740) Mercy Remick and they had three children: Nathaniel (1741/2), Shubal (1743/4 m Jane Thacher) and John (bp 1749 poss. m Mary Newcomb).

Richard Cooke was born Eastham 23 Nov 1718 and died aft 1769. He married (int Eastham 23 Aug 1740) Rebecca Mayo and they had thirteen children (born Eastham): Bethiah (1740), Sarah (1742), Phebe (1745), Joanna (1747), Elisha (1750 prob. m Hannah Doane), Nathan (1751), Rebecca (1753), Hannah (1756), Richard (1759-1759), Abigail (1760), Lydia (1763), Apphia (1765) and Zenas (1769 prob m Experience Parker).

DNA Results J2a1-PF5177

Previous testing

The Cook/Cooke/Koch (and Variants) DNA Project Group: J2- Lineage 1 documents three individuals claiming Josiah Cooke as their Most Distant Known Paternal Ancestor (MDKPA) as well as other surnames who are very close STR matches. Plugging in the 111 Y-STR modal values into the NevGen Haplogroup Predictor gives a prediction of: J2a1 PF5191>> PF5177 with a probability of 100%.[1]

NGS/WGS testing

NGS/WGS testing of other known Josiah Cooke Y-DNA descendants (and preferably through his son Josiah) would refine the haplogroup for the family and possibly define subclades for descendants.

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  • Note the Haplogroup of Pilgrim Francis Cooke is under Haplogroup I, so Josiah and Francis were not related.