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As of September 27, 2020

  • Page created for Jane Lothrop, wife of Samuel Fuller (son of Pilgrim Edward Fuller)
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Jane (Lothrop) Fuller. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)



Jane Lothrop was baptised at Edgerton, Kent, England on 29 Sep 1614, daughter of Rev. John Lothrop and Hannah Howse (Hannah was the daughter of Rev. John Howes and Anna Lloyd and Anna was daughter of John or Samuel Lloyd & Margaret Dodd)[1] As a non-conformist, Rev. John Lothrop was imprisoned by the English government, and while imprisoned, his wife passed away.[2] Rev. John was released from prison with the stipulation he would emigrate to the New World with his family and as many of his congregation as he could take. The family emigrated aboard the Griffin arriving in Boston on 18 Sep 1634.[3] Within days of arrival, Rev. John moved his family to Scituate (in Plymouth Colony, Boston was in Massachusetts Bay Colony) where he set up a new congregation.<ibid.> This Congregation splintered due to religious differences in 1638 and Rev. John petitioned the Plymouth court to create a new congregation on unsettled lands. This petition was granted and in 1639 he went on to found what is now the town of Barnstable.[4]

Jane married Samuel Fuller (son of Pilgrim Edward Fuller) in Scituate on 8 Apr 1635.[5] They were married by Captain Miles Standish at the James Cudworth house.[6] The couple originally lived at Scituate, but in 1640 moved to Barnstable (the town her father founded the previous year).[7]

Jane Lothrop and Samuel Fuller had nine children; one infant (sex unknown), three sons and five daughters (Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah [died young], Mary and [another] Sarah)

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Second Generation

Hannah Fuller[1] born in Scituate, married Barnstable 1 Jan 1658/9 Nicholas Bonham. The family became Baptist and moved from Barnstable to Piscataway, New Jersey about 1671, where Hannah died in 1685. They had ten children; four sons and six daughters (Hannah [1659-1689, m. Daniel Lippington], Mary [1661-1742, m. Rev. Edmund Dunham], Sarah [1664/5-1737, m. John Fitz Randolph], Elizabeth [c1665-p1704, m. Edward Slater], Jane [died young] & Priscilla [1677-1710, m. John Langstaff]).

Elizabeth Fuller[2] born in Scituate, married about 1680 to ____ Taylor.[3] Nothing is known about this couple, except for the fact Elizabeth was named in her father's will dated Oct 1683.

Mary Fuller[4] baptized (by her maternal grandfather) Barnstable 16 Jun 1644, married 18 Nov 1674 Joseph Williams. They had at least four children; one son and three daughters (Sarah [1675- , m. John Roath], Mary [1677- ] & Hannah [1683- ])

Sarah Fuller[5] born Barnstable 10 Dec 1654 married a currently unidentified Crowe(ll). Like her sister, Elizabeth, nothing is known about this couple, except for the fact Sarah Crowe was named in her father's will (Oct 1683).

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mtDNA Results

No known mtDNA descendant of Jane (Lothrop) Fuller has publicly revealed they have taken an mtDNA test. Anyone believing they are an mtDNA descendant (in other words, anyone who believes their mother's mother's mother's etc. mother was Jane) is encouraged to take a full mtDNA test as well as contact Raymond Wing (email wing DOT genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

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