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Status summary

As of December 2, 2020:

  • Any family would likely be in England
  • Low priority
  • Anyone who believes they are an mtDNA descendant is encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com

Paper Trail

Sarah Fairfax was daughter of Rev. Benjamin Fairfax of Rombrough, Suffolk and his wife, Sarah Galliard of Ashwell Thorpe, Norfolk. Sarah likely married before 1640 to Bartholomew Allerton. Sarah's will, dated 13 Sep 1678 and proved at the Court of the Archdeacon of Suffolk on 6 Nov 1679. The will names the following: (brother John Fairfax of Barking as executor) son Isaac Allerton; daughters Mary Auger and Dorothy Rousham; son John Allerton; and brothers Benjamin and Nathaniel Fairfax. Given the fact all her children were given relatively small bequests, plus the fact Sarah (Fairfax) Allerton gave numerous bequests to her siblings and their children, it is possible some or even all of these children were by Bartholomew's first wife, Margaret (Unknown).

Summary of findings

None of the mtDNA lines have been further traced. There may possibly be matrilineal (all female line) descendants living today.

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