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Status summary

Completed as of December 19, 2022:


First Generation

Moses Barber was born circa 1652 and died South Kingstown, RI after 15 Apr 1728. He married Kingston, RI 24 Mar 1692 Susannah West and they had fourteen children (Kingston, now North Kingstown & South Kingstown): Dinah (1692/3), Lydia (1693/4), Samuel (1695), Susannah (1697), Thomas (1699), Joseph (1701), Martha (1703), Ruth (1705), Benjamin (1706/7), Mercy (1708/9), Ezekiel (1710/1), Abigail (1712/3), Daniel (1714) and Anna (1717).

Second Generation

Samuel Barber was born 8 Nov 1695 and died prob. Richmond, RI bet. 27 May - 11 Jul 1760. He married Kingston (now So. Kingstown) Mar 1719 Anne Corey and they had eleven children: Sarah, Mary, Benjamin, Caleb, Susannah (1727), Edward, Moses, Samuel, Hannah/Anna, Annie and Meribah.

Thomas Barber was born 19 Oct 1699 and died Exeter, RI after 14 Jul 1753. He married South Kingstown, RI 18 Apr 1723 Avis Tanner and they had eight children: Martha (1726), Dinah, Thomas, Mary (1733), Zebulon, Susannah, Avis and Thankful

Joseph Barber was born 16 Oct 1701 and died Exeter, RI bet. 11 Apr - 7 Jun 1779. He married South Kingstown, RI 4 Feb 1724/5 Rebecca Potter and they had three children: Abigail, Nathaniel and Susanna.

Benjamin Barber was born 10 Mar 1706/7 and died Westerly, RI bet. 6 Feb - 26 Mar 1792. He married twice, first South Kingstown 11 Jan 1729 Mary Tefft and second Hopkinton, RI 20 Oct 1783 Mary Perry (no children). By his first wife he had six children: Lydia, Nathan (1732/3), Mary, Mercy, Joanna and Ruth.

Ezekiel Barber was born 6 Mar 1710/1 and died Richmond, RI in Apr 1792. He married Westerly, RI 28 Nov 1736 Hannah Webster and they had eight children: Joshua, Ezekiel, Desire, Hannah, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Susanna and Mary.

Daniel Barber was born 22 Apr 1714 and died Exeter, RI 28 Jun 1805. He married Westerly, RI 28 Nov 1736 Deliverance Tefft and they had eight children: Mary, Jonathan, Daniel, Deliverance (dau), Reynolds, Meriam, Smith and Susanna.

Third Generation

DNA results R1b-Z302

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Barber Surname DNA Project Group: R1b1a2 - Group # 02 (+Farley), has one individual claiming a Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor (MDKPA) as Moses Barber, b 1652 d 1732. This individual has not SNP tested, but has Y111 STR tested with FTDNA predicting he falls under R1b-M269. Plugging in his 111 YSTRs into Nevgen gives a prediction of R1b P312>DF19>Z302 with 100% certainty.

Further needed testing

We need additional direct male-line descendants of Moses Barber to WGS/NGS test to define the haplogroup.

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