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Status summary

Completed as of January 31, 2022:

  • Recruiting Y-DNA (direct male-line) descendants of Samuel Hatch. Anyone who believes their patrilineal ancestor (i.e. father's father's father's etc.) was Samuel should contact


For more information see * Hill, Peter B., Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: vol. 11 Family of Edward Doty part III (Isaac, Joseph & Mary), 2000. Plymouth, General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

First Generation

Samuel Hatch, son of Walter Hatch and Elizabeth Holbrook, was born Scituate 22 Dec 1653 and died Plymouth 11 Jun 1735. He married Scituate aft 10 Jul 1677 Mary Doty and they had nine children: Samuel (1678), Josiah (1680), Hannah (1682), Ebenezer (1684), Isaac (1687), Elizabeth (1690), Elisha (1692), Ezekiel (1695) and Desire (1698)

Second Generation

Samuel Hatch (II) was born Scituate 10 Nov 1678 and died there bet 23 Oct 1766 - 2 Feb 1767. He married Scituate 7 Mar 1705 Elizabeth Oldham and they had two children (Scituate): Lydia (1706) and Ruth (1709).

Josiah Hatch was born Scituate 30 May 1680 and died Rochester 12 Jan 1714/5. He married Rochester 24 Feb 1702/3 Desire Hawes and they had seven children (Rochester): Desire (1702/3), Edmund (1705), Zerviah (1707), Jabez (1709), Josiah (twin, 1710/1), Ebenezer (twin, 1710/1 no further record) and Mary (c1714).

Ebenezer Hatch was born Scituate 6 Apr 1684 and died bet. his will 7 Jan 1723/4 and its probate 21 Apr 1724. He married Scituate 10 Mar 1719 Abigail Jones and they had two children: Ebenezer (1720) and Sarah (1722).

Isaac Hatch was born Scituate 20 Dec 1687 and died Pembroke 1 Nov 1759. He married Scituate 7 Jan 1724 Penelope Ewell and they had two children: Isaac (c1717) and Seth 1727).

Elisha Hatch[1] was born Scituate 7 Nov 1692 and died Hillsdale (Green River), NY 15 Apr 1770. He married twice, first Pembroke 30 Oct 1718 Patience Keen and second bef 1750 Isabell Griffis. By his first wife Elisha had four children: Elisha (1721), Elijah (1730), Matthew (1735) and Isaac (c1738). By his second wife Elisha had one additional child (Sharon, CT): Patience (1750).

Ezekiel Hatch was born Scituate 14 May 1695 and died Rochester 1 Jul 1768. He married Scituate 25 Sep 1718 Ruth Church and they had six children (Rochester): Ruth (1719), Mary (1721), Hannah (1724), Isaiah (1729), Lucy (1732) and Sarah (1736).

Third Generation

Edmund Hatch was born Rochester 10 Jul 1705. He married Reliance Crowell and they had at least three children: Jabez (1728), Bradbury (dau. c1734) and Crowell (1737 m Hannah Boit)

Jabez Hatch was born Rochester 21 May 1709 and died Boston Apr 1763. He married int. Scituate 3 Nov 1733 Mary Fisher of Boston and they had fifteen children (Boston): Sarah (1734), Desire (1736), Jabez (1738 m Deborah Hewes), Harris (1740), Mary (1742), Elizabeth (c1743), Desire (1745), William (1746), Hawes (1747), Christian (son 1750-1750), Lucretia (1752), Lydia (1754), Christopher (1755), Hannah (1756) and Lucy (1758).

Josiah Hatch was born Rochester 8 Mar 1710/1 and died Pembroke 16 Sep 1758. He married Mary/Marcy Redding but it is currently unknown if they had any children.

Ebenezer Hatch ((I) was born abt 1720 and died Pembroke 23 Apr 1756. He married Pembroke 14 Nov 1744 Sarah Turner and they had four children (Pembroke): Sarah (bp 1745/6), Abigail (c1748), Nathaniel (1750-1756) and Lucy (bp 1755).

(Deacon) Isaac Hatch was born Scituate abt 30 Sep 1717 and died Pembroke 9 Dec 1799. He married twice, first 1739 Anne Fisher and second Pembroke 28 Nov 1793 Sarah HUMPRHEY Cushing (no children). By his first wife Isaac had three children: Lydia (1740), Walter (1751 m Deborah Cushing) and Jabez (1758 unk if marr)

Seth Hatch was born Scituate 31 Oct 1727 and died Pembroke 12 Aug 1799. He married Pembroke 9 Oct 1754 Mary Turner and they had at least three children (Pembroke): Seth (1755 m Mary ____), Penelope (1759) and Mercy (1761).

Elisha Hatch (II) was born Rochester 26 Jun 1721 and died Hillsdale, NY 30 Apr 1797. He married 7 May 1758 Hannah Church and they had at least one child (Oxford, NY): Samuel (1761 no further record).

Elijah Hatch was born Rochester 7 Apr 1730 and died Rome, OH 4 Dec 1809. He married twice, first Dartmouth 30 Mar 1757 Keziah Barrows and second Green River, NY abt 1780 Martha CUMMINGS Virgil (no children). By his first wife, Elijah had four children: Comfort (dau, c1760), Lydia (1766), Elijah (1768) and Martha (1771).

Mathew Hatch was born Rochester 1 May 1735 and died Whitehall, NY 2 May 1804. He married Tiverton, RI 14 Nov 1756 Freelove Sherman and they had nine children: William (1758), Patience (c1760), Henry (1762 m Rhoda Griffith), Samuel (1764 m Elizabeth Reed), Mary (c1768), Hannah (1768), Elisha (1773 m Rebecca Vine), Freelove (1774) and Matthew W. (1777 m Jane Lent).

Isaac Hatch was born abt 1738 likely in Rumbout, NY. He married Naomi ___ and they had at least two children: Isaac (1752 m Anna Cogswell) and John (1757 m Dorcas Hubbell).

Isaiah Hatch was born Rochester 11 Sep 1729 and died Westminster, VT 5 Apr 1808. He married Rochester 14 Feb 1756 Joanna Whitcomb and they had seven children (Rochester): Molly (c1760), Lois (b1762), Noah (bp 1762), Ruth (c1763), Robert (1764 m Ruth Shipman), Oliver (bp 1769) and Lydia (bp 1772).

  1. Called Elijah Hatch in the Doty Genealogy database.

DNA Results I-Y10677

NGS/WGS testing

The Hatch-DNA Research Project subgroup Match Cluster "B" Turquoise document Y-DNA descendants of William Hatch (1563-1615). There are a number of green "confirmed" SNPs at a variety of levels. One result (apparently from a Big Y-700 test) gives a haplogroup of I2a-M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>L702>S22311>L703>S12195>S21579>Y5670>Y5671>Y5672>Y10677 (BY46931)

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