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Status summary


First Generation

(Rev.) David3 Martin (Joseph, John [V]) was born Piscataway, NJ 8 Jul 1696 and died Philadelphia, PA 13 Dec 1751. He married Burlington, NJ 9 Mar 1714 Elizabeth Doty and they had six children: Sarah (1714), Elizabeth (1718), Joan (1720), David (c1721), Anna (c1722) and Jonathan (c1723).

Second Generation

David Martin (II) was born Piscataway, NJ 1721 and died Woodbridge, NU 10 Nov 1800. He married twice, first 1746 Jane ____ and second 1765 Rosannah _____. By his first wife he had two children: David (1750) and Isaac (1755). By his second wife he had four more children: Elizabeth (1768), Rosanna (1769), David (1770) and Catherine (1780).

Jonathan Martin was born Piscataway, NJ 1723. His further history is currently Unknown.

DNA results R-DF23

Previous Y-DNA testing

One individual documented on WikiTree where they are a patrilineal descendant of John Martin (V) (grandfather of Rev. David Martin) and had Y-DNA tested at FTDNA with a Y-DNA haplogroup of: R-L21>S552>DF13>Z39589>DF49>Z2980>Z2976>DF23

Further testing needed

Other patrilineal descendants of John Martin (V) (and preferably via Rev. David Martin) are needed to NGS/WGS test to verify this haplogroup placement and possibly further refine the haplogroup as well as contact and disclose their lineage.

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