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Status summary

As of April 7, 2022

  • Page created for Jane Harmon, wife of Samuel Doty.
  • Recruitment of individuals who believe they are mtDNA descendants of Jane HARMON Doty are encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com

Paper Trail

First Generation

Jane Harmon was born Saco, Maine 1657 and died Piscataway, NJ about 18 Oct 1717, the daughter of James Harmon and Sarah Clarke. She married Piscataway 15 Nov 1678 Samuel Doty[1] and they had thirteen children (Piscataway): Samuel (1679), John (1680/1), Sarah (1682), Isaac (1683), Edward (1685), James (1686), Jonathan (1687/8), Benjamin (1691), Elizabeth (1695), Joseph (1696), Daniel (1701), Margaret (1704) and Nathaniel (c1707).

Second Generation (all born Piscataway, East Jersey [now New Jersey])

Sarah Doty was born 2 Mar 1681/2. No further record.

Elizabeth Doty was born 26 Feb 1694/5 and died there after Oct 1737. She married there 9 Mar 1714 David Martin and they had six children: Sarah (1714), Elizabeth (1718), Joan (1720), David (c1721), Anna (c1722) and Jonathan (c1723).

Margaret Doty was born 5 Mar 1704. No further record.

Third Generation

Sarah Harmon was born Piscataway, NJ 19 Dec 1714. No further record.

Elizabeth Harmon was born Piscataway, NJ 4 Aug 1718. No further record.

Joan Harmon was born Piscataway, NJ 21 Jan 1720. No further record.

Anne Harmon was born Piscataway, NJ about 1722. No further record.

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