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Status summary

Completed as of January 30, 2022:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Elizabeth Lettice, second wife of Jacob Cooke for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

Elizabeth Lettice, daughter of Thomas & Anne ____ Lettice was born probably in England abt 1635[1] and died Swansea 31 Oct 1693. She married three times, first Plymouth 18 Oct 1655 William Shurtleff (three sons, no Mayflower line), second 18 Nov 1669 Jacob Cooke, and third Swansea 1 Jan 1689 Hugh Cole (no children). By her second marriage, Elizabeth had two daughters (Plymouth): Sarah (1671) and Rebecca (1675-1675)

Second Generation

Sarah Cooke[2] was born Plymouth 1671 and died there 18 Feb 1745. She married Plymouth 1 Apr 1691 Robert Bartlett and they had twelve children (Plymouth): Hannah (1691), Thomas (1693), John (1696), Sarah (1699), James (1701), Joseph (1703), Elizabeth (1706), William (1709), Ebenezer (1710), Robert (1713) and Lemuel (1715)

Third Generation

Hannah Bartlett was born Plymouth 21 Feb 1691/2 and died there 19 Sep 1757. She married Plymouth abt 1711 Eleazer Churchill and they had four children (Plymouth): infant son (1712-1712), Eleazer (1713/4), Josiah (1716) and Jonathan (1720). In conclusion, there are no mtDNA descendants of Hannah.

Sarah Bartlett was born Plymouth 9 Apr 1699 and died there bef 25 Apr 1739. She married Plymouth 22 Feb 1721 John Finney and they had five children (Plymouth): Sarah (1722), Phebe (1724/5), Josiah (1726/7-1727), Ruth (1729) and John (1730).

Elizabeth Bartlett was born Plymouth 2 Mar 1706 and died there 21 Mar 1752. She married Plymouth 16 May 1734 Thomas Sears and they had six children (bp Plymouth): Betty (1735/6), Rebecca (1737/8), Chloe (c1740), Sarah (c1742), Thomas (1746) and Willard (1748).

Fourth Generation

Sarah Finney was born Plymouth 19 Nov 1722 and died there 5 Oct 1804. She married Plymouth 19 May 1742 Ephraim Holmes and they had two children (Plymouth): Elizabeth (1742 m Daniel Hill) and Joanna (1748 m Lemuel Harlow).

Phebe Finney was born Plymouth 8 Feb 1724/5 and died there abt 1775. She married Plymouth 3 Aug 1738 Edward Doten and they had eight children (Plymouth): Elisha (1743), Edward (1745), Thomas (1747), John (1750), Lemuel (1753), James (1757), Lois (c1759 m William Robbins), Phebe (1761 m Daniel Cary & Nathaniel Billington) and Hannah (1767 m Hosea Washburn)

Ruth Finney was born Plymouth 1 Oct 1728 and died there 22 Mar 1752. She married Plymouth 24 Apr 1750 James Doty but had no children.

Betty Sears was baptized Plymouth 18 Jan 1735/6 and died there, unmarried, 18 Mar 1770.

Rebecca Sears was baptized Plymouth 5 Mar 1737/8. No further record.

Chloe Sears was born Plymouth abt 1740 and died 6 Aug 1824. She married Plymouth 22 Feb 1760 Nathaniel Holmes and they had eight children: Ebenezer (1761), Elizabeth (1763), Rebecca (1765), Patience (1767), Ebenezer (1778), Nathaniel, John and Thomas

Sarah Sears was born Plymouth abt 1742 and died in Belgrade, ME in 1811. She married 1767 Seth Paine and they had four children: Bartlett (1769), Betty (1771), Mercy (1773) and Seth (1775)

  1. Date an estimate, based on date married and had a child born in 1675.
  2. Sarah is called [probable] daughter of Jacob in the "Silver Book" vol. 12 (Cooke) p. 55.

DNA results T1a1a1

One matrilineal (all female line) descendant of Elizabeth (Lettice) Cooke has taken a full mtDNA test and published their lineage at WikiTree. Their mtDNA Haplogroup was T1a1a1

DNA line

As published at WikiTree

 Elizabeth Lettice (c1636-1693) m. Jacob Cooke
   Sarah Cooke (1671-1745) m. Robert Bartlett
     Sarah Bartlett (1699-1739) m. John Finney
       Phebe Finney (1724-c1775) m. Edward Doty
         Hannah Doten (1767-1864) m. Hosea Washburn
           Betsey Pierce Washburn (1785-1860) m. Shubael Pease
             Sophronia Pease (1811-1889) m. James Parker Withee
               Samantha Louise Withee (1837-1868) m. Asahel Owen Graves
                 Harriett Virginia Graves (1867-1921) m. Ward Tupper Reynolds
                   Maude May Reynolds (1884-1959) m. Charles Arthur Coan
                     mother of tester

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