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Status summary

Still to do of January 1, 2023:

  • Recruit patrilineal descendants of Richard Steele (preferably through grandson John) to Y-DNA test and publish their results. Such descendants are encouraged to contact


First Generation

John3 Steele (James, George, Richard, Richard) was born Hartford 10 Dec 1660 and died there 6 Mar 1698. He married abt 1691 Meletiah Bradford and they had three children: Bethia (c1690), John (c1692-b1715 unm.) and Ebenezer (1695).

Second Generation

Ebenezer Steele was born Killingworth 13 Aug 1695 and died there 26 Dec 1745. He married Guilford, CT 1718 Susanna Merrill and they had eight children: John (1718/9), Mary (1721), Susanna (1728), Daniel (1729), Huldah (1729), Melatiah (dau, 1731), Bradford (1734) and Elisha (c1737).

Third Generation

John Steele was bp Hartford 22 Feb 1718/9 and died Washington, MA 1785. He married Christian ?Flower and they had: Christian (1747-1800 unm.), Ruth (1748 unm.), John (1749), Triplets [Ebenezer, Aaron & Moses] (1752 all d.y.), Ebenezer (1753), Moses (1755 d.y.), Moses (1757), Timothy (1759), Aaron (1761), Lucy (1762-1768), Pitt (1767-1770) and Pitt (1770).

(Capt.) Bradford Steele was bp Hartford 22 Sep 1734 and died Derby, CT 10 Apr 1804. He married twice 1) Enfield, CT 19 Dec 1754 Mary Perkins and 2) Sarah (Baldwin) Wheeler[1] (no ch.) By his first wife he had (Derby): Infant & Susanna (1756 both d.y.), Asher (1757), Melatiah (1760), Bradford (1762), Mary (1764), Hannah (1766), Daniel (1768) and George (1770).

Elisha Steele was born about 1737 and died 1805. He married twice 1) Hartford 17 Apr 1760 Mary Merrills and 2) aft. 10 Dec 1783 Eunice (Botsford) Prichard[2] (no ch.) By his first wife he had six children: Mary (1763), Candice (1765 d.y.), Clarissa (1766), Lucy (1769), Elisha (1771) and Norman (1780).

  1. Widow of Simeon Wheeler.
  2. Widow of Jabez Prichard.

DNA results TBD

The Steele DNA project currently does not list their DNA results.

Further DNA testing needed

Testing of patrilineal descendants is needed. Any male who believes their patrilineal ancestry goes through Richard Steele is encouraged to contact

References and External Links

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