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Status summary

Still to do of December 28, 2022:

  • Recruit patrilineal descendants of John Martin to Y-DNA test and publish their results. Such descendants are encouraged to contact


First Generation

John Martin, son of Richard Martin (II) and Elizabeth Salter was baptized Ottery St. Mary, Devon on 23 Jan 1652/3 and died Rehoboth after 28 Aug 1720. The family likely emigrated to Plymouth Colony between 1660-1664, which would have been shortly after the restoration of the Monarchy in England. He married Rehototh 27 Jun 1681 Mercy Billington and they had four children: John (1682), Robert (1683), Desire (1684/5) and Francis (1686 likely never marr.)

Second Generation

John Martin (II) was born Rehoboth 10 Jun 1682 and died there 3 Nov 1759. He married twice, first Rehoboth 17 Jul 1710 Sarah Wilmarth and second 1730 Elizabeth, widow of John Fuller (II) of Acton. By his first wife, John had at least three children (named in his will): Timothy (d. bef. father), Robert (1718), Amos and Gideon (c1730). This last was likely a child by his second wife.

Robert Martin was born Rehoboth 9 Sep 1683 and died there 16 Sep 1705. He is the father of one child: Mary (1705).

Third Generation

Timothy Martin was born Rehoboth 14 Jun 1716 and died bet. 3 Jun - 5 Aug 1755. He married Attleboro 9 Apr 1741 Mary Fuller[1] and they had: Timothy (1743-b1758 unm.), Sarah (1745), Abel (1750 m Huldah Fisher & Eunice Crossman)

Robert Martin was born Rehoboth 2 Jul 1718 and his last known record was the 1771 Tax List at Attleboro. He married Attleboro 30 Apr 1741 Elizabeth Wellman and they had: Molly (bp 1742), John (1745 m Margaret Richardson), Job (1747 m Susanna Fisher) and Daniel (1754 m Judith Bliss).

Amos Martin was born Rehoboth 28 Apr 1722 and his last known record was the 1771 Tax List at Attleboro. He married twice, first int. Rehoboth 29 Sep 1750 Anna Daggett and second Attleboro 27 Apr 1757. By his first wife he had: Comfort (1751 m Sarah Cummin[g]s) and Amos (1754 m Sarah ___). By his second wife he had: Joel (1761-b1780 unm.)

Gideon Martin was born summer of 1730 and died about 1759. It is believed he never married.

  1. After Timothy's death, Mary married bef 1757 John Fuller.

DNA results TBD

The Martin DNA Project does not list anyone claiming Richard Martin (father of John, or Robert or Abraham Martin, brother's to Richard) as their Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor (MDKPA).

Further DNA testing needed

Testing of patrilineal descendants is needed. Any male who believes their patrilineal ancestry goes through John Martin is encouraged to contact

References and External Links

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