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Status summary

Still to do of December 28, 2022:

  • Unknown if there is any surviving patrilineal (Y-DNA) line. The Allerton (vol. 16) Silver Book lists only one male Hutchinson descendant in the Sixth Generation: Thomas Hutchinson (II), b. abt Jun 1750 (his father died in Dec 1749 and son called age 6 mos. in Dec 1750). He is likely the Thomas Hutchinson born 9 Mar or 9 May 1750 in Reading, MA. who may have married Phebe Chickering. See wikitree for Thomas Hutchinson


First Generation

Samuel Hutchinson, son of Thomas Hutchinson and Ann Browne was born likely Worcestershire, England about 1630 and died Reading 12 Nov 1702. He married three times,[1] but only his second wife was a Mayflower Descendant: Plymouth 1676 Mary Cushman and they had three children: Francis (b. 1678), Thomas (b. 1681) and John (b. 1683)

Second Generation

Francis Hutchinson (II) was born Lynn abt 1678 and died there bef. 21 Jan 1755. He married Reading 18 May 1708 Mary Jeffords and they had seven children: Mary (c1710), Elizabeth (b1713), Sarah (b1715), Anna (b1719), Francis, Thomas and Hannah.

Thomas Hutchinson was born Lynn abt 1681 and died aft 21 Mar 1755. He married bef. 1712 Mary Colson and they had three children: Adam (1712), Thomas (1712) and Lydia (1721).

John Hutchinson was born Lynn about 1683 and died Malden 2 Aug 1762. He married abt. 1706 Mary Waite and they had five children: Mary (1708), Mehitabel (1712), Sarah (1715), John (1717) and Phebe (1724).

Third Generation

  1. Married first, Lynn 11 Dec 1661 Sarah Leighton and third, aft 1690 Martha Stearns.

DNA results I1-S12289

Previous DNA testing

The Hutchinson DNA Project Group: I-M253 Massachusetts Hutchinsons from the late 1700's documents five individuals (all close STR matches). One of them has Y-SNP tested I-M253+ but no further. A couple of individuals have 67 YSTR tested. Plugging in the Modal Values into the NevGen Haplogroup Predictor tool gives a probable haplogroup of I1 Z58>Z59>Z60>Z140>>L338>S12289 (possibly FT34795(447=21,570=17,537=12,413b=24) with a 99.6% probability.

Further DNA testing needed

Additional Testing of patrilineal descendants is needed. Any male who believes their patrilineal ancestry goes through Francis Hutchinson is encouraged to contact

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