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Status summary

Completed as of December 23, 2022:

  • Matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Frances Hunsden/Hunsdin are encouraged to full mtDNA test and contact


First Generation

It is believed the marriage record at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Pulham Market (near Redenhall), Norfolkshire 22 Jul 1633 between Mathew ffuller and Frances Hunsden/Hunsdin referred to the family who settled in Plymouth Colony by Oct 1640. She died Barnstable aft 26 Oct 1678 and the couple had five children: Elizabeth, Mary, Samuel, Anna and John

Second Generation

Elizabeth Fuller was born about 1634 and died Colchester, CT aft 7 Mar 1814. She married Barnstable 22 Apr 1652 Moses Rowley and they had ten children: Mary (1652/3), Moses (1654), infant daughter (1656-1656), Mehitable (1659/60), Shuball (1659/60), Sarah (1662, liv. 1700 unk. if marr.), Nathan (1664), Aaron (c1665), John (1667, no further record, likely d.y.) and Matthew (1669).

Mary Fuller was born about 1636 and died Barnstable aft 11 May 1691. She married Plymouth Col. 17 Apr 1650 Ralph Jones and they had nine children: Mary (liv. 1691 but unk. if marr.), Matthew, Mehitable (liv. 1696 but unk. if marr.), Shubal (1654), Jedediah (1656), John (1659), Mercy (1666, living in 1691 but unk. if marr.), Ralph (1669) and Samuel.

Anna Fuller was born about 1638 and died Barnstable bef 30 Dec 1691. She married Barnstable abt 1658 Samuel Fuller (II) and they had six children: Barnabas (c1659), Joseph (c1661), Matthew (c1663), Benjamin (c1665), Sarah (c1671 unk. if marr.) and Desire (c1674)

Third Generation

Mary Rowley was born Barnstable 20 Mar 1653 and died Falmouth date unknown. She married Falmouth 7 Jan 1675/6 John Weeks and they had ten children: Nathaniel (1676), John (1678), William (1680), Elizabeth (1683 unk. if marr.), Shubael (1684/5), Ebenezer (1688), Abigail (1689/90 m Ichabod Hatch), Uriah (1692/3), Mehitable (1693/4 m Ichabod Johnson) and Mary (1696 m Nathan Hatch).

Mehitable Rowley was born Barnstable 11 Jan 1659/60 and died East Haddam, CT in 1732. She married Barnstable abt 1679 John Fuller and they had eleven children: Thomas (1680), Samuel (c1682), Shubael (c1684), Thankful (1689 m Jabez Crippen), Edward (c1691), Elizabeth (c1693 m Samuel Rowley), John (1697), Joseph (1699/1700), Benjamin (1701), Anne (c1704 m Jonathan Rowley) and Mehitable (1706 m Benjamin Kneeland).

Desire Fuller was born Barnstable about 1674. She married New London, CT 11 Jun 1703 John Taylor and they had at least three children (order uncertain): Benjamin, Sarah (c1706 m Ebenezer Skinner) and John.

DNA results TBD

Previous mtDNA testing

As of December 23, 2022, no known matrilineal descendants of Frances have taken a mtDNA test and published their results. Individuals who are believed to be matrilineal descendants of Frances are encouraged to mtDNA test and contact and disclose their lineage.

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