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Status summary

Completed as of January 28, 2022:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (all female-line) descendants of Abigail (Hallett) Alden for full mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

Abigail Hallett was born about 1645,[1] daughter of Andrew Hallett "Jr." and his first (Unknown) wife. Abigail died Duxbury 17 Aug 1725 "in ye 81st of her age" (gravestone). She married Duxbury 10 Dec 1672 Jonathan Alden and they had six children (Duxbury): Elizabeth (c1673), Anna (c1675), Sarah (c1679), John (1681/2), Andrew (c1684) and Jonathan (1686).

Second Generation

Elizabeth Alden was born Duxbury abt 1673 and died bef 3 May 1757. She married twice, firs Duxbury bef 1698 Edmund Chandler and second Duxbury 12 Jul 1722 Peletiah West (no children). By her first husband Elizabeth had two children: John (c1694) and Mercy (1704).

Anna Alden was born Duxbury abt 1675 and died Bridgewater 8 Jun 1705. She married Duxbury 21 Dec 1699 Josiah Snell and they had three children (Bridgewater): Josiah (1700/1), Abigail (1702) and Zachariah (1704).

Sarah Alden was born Duxbury abt 1679 and died there 26 Jun 1738. She married Duxbury abt 1701 Thomas Southworth and they had three children (Duxbury): Jedediah (1702), Mary (1703) and Nathaniel (1712).

Third Generation

Mercy/Mary Chandler was born Duxbury in May 1704 and died Lebanon, CT 18 Jan 1781. She married Marshfield 3 Jan 1722 Josiah Bartlett and they had seven children: Ichabod (1723), Elizabeth (1725 m Brotherton Martin), Nathaniel (1727), John (1730), Cyrus (1739), Mercy (1740 m Patrick Butler) and Mary (1742 m Peleg Thomas).

Abigail Snell was born Bridgewater 9 Sep 1702 and died Duxbury 22 Jul 1775. She married Israel Sylvester and they had six children: Joseph (1735), Israel (1737), Seth (1740-1756), Josiah (1742-1768), Zachariah (1745) and Abigail (1747 m Samuel Alden "Jr.")

Mary Southworth was born Duxbury 17 Sep 1703 and died there 12 Nov 1739. She married Duxbury 3 Feb 1724 Thomas Loring and they had six children (Duxbury): Thomas (1725), Simeon (c1727), Perez (1729), Levi (c1733), Joshua (1735) and Deborah (1738 m Jeremiah Finney).

  1. called age 81 on gravestone

mtDNA results TBD

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