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Status summary

As of October 27, 2022:

Paper trail

Edmund Chandler and Roger Chandler were contemporaries in Leiden and both emigrated to Plymouth Colony about 1632. It is believed they are brothers, but proof of any relationship has not been found.

First Generation

Edmund Chandler was born about 1587 and died Duxburrow (now Duxbury) between 3 May (will) and 2 Jun 1662 (inventory). He is believed to have married twice but the names of his wives are currently unknown. He became a citizen of Leiden 11 Nov 1611, but since no marriage is recorded there, it is likely he was then already married. He had seven children by his first wife (Leiden):[1] Samuel (c1610, married but d.s.p.), Sarah (c1612), an infant buried 2 Oct 1614, Lydia (c1616) Anna (c1618), an infant buried 26 Mar 1619 and Mary (c1622). Edmund emigrated to Plymouth by 1632, but it is unknown if he was then married or married in Plymouth shortly after arrival. Edmund had four more children by his second wife (all but oldest born Duxbury): John (c1632, likely unm.), Benjamin (c1644), Joseph (c1646) and Ruth.

Second Generation

Benjamin Chandler was born poss. in Scituate about 1635 and died there 6 Oct 1691. He married Scituate about 1671 Elizabeth Buck and they had seven children (Scituate): Martha (1671/2), Samuel (1674), John (1676, m Sarah Weston but no ch.), Mary (1678), Keturah (c1682), Benjamin (1685), Elizabeth (c1687) and Joseph (c1690).

Joseph Chandler was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) about 1637 and died there about 1721. He married Duxbury about 1670 Mercy ____ and they had children:[2] Joseph, Edmund, John (d.s.p.), Esther, Mary (m Hezekiah Bradford, Sarah.

Third Generation

Samuel Chandler was born Scituate 30 Nov 1674 and died Duxbury between 17 Jul 1742 (will) and 2 Aug 1742 (proved). He married 1718 Margaret PHILLIPS Bonney and they had (Duxbury): Martha (1719), Abigail (1721), Samuel (1723) and Thomas (1725 m Silvia Bisbee & Rhoda Blackmore).

Benjamin Chandler was baptized Scituate 12 Apr 1685 and died Duxbury 26 Mar 1771. It is currently unknown whether he married and had a family.

Joseph Chandler was born Scituate about 1690. He married twice, first Duxbury 8 Sep 1720 Elizabeth Delano and second 1729 Deborah Bonney. By his first wife he had two children (Duxbury): John (1722) and Simeon (1724/5). By his second wife he had seven more children: Joseph, Abner, Betty, Jonathan, Rebecca, Deborah and Sarah.

Joseph Chandler (II) was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) about 1678. He married Duxbury 12 Feb 1700/1 Martha Hunt and they had (Duxbury): Nathan (1726 m Ruth ___ & Esther Glass), infant (1727-1727), Betty (1728), Perez (1730 m Rhoda Wadsworth), Martha and Esther (twins, 1732) and Peleg (1735 m Sarah Winslow).

Edmund Chandler was born Duxburrow (now Duxbury) about 1670 and died there before 28 Sep 1717. He married Duxbury bef. 1698 Elizabeth Alden. There is some debate about whether they had any children. When his widow (and her second husband, Pelatiah West) divided her late husband's estate (10 Aug 1729) no mention was made of any children.

  1. There is an assumption that daughters Sarah, Anna and Mary were all by the same mother, as they were mentioned together in Edmund's will.
  2. Joseph's will names a grandson John Chandler, but which of Joseph's sons was his father is currently unknown.

DNA Results R1b-FGC48713

Previous testing

FTDNA's Chandler DNA Project[1] subgrouping: Group 013 has a number of folks who claim Edmund Chandler as their Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor (MDKPA) and are also close Y-STR matches. Two of these individuals have SNP tested to: R1b-U106>>U198>DF93>DF94>FGC48723>FGC48713

NGS/WGS testing

NGS/WGS testing is needed to confirm the prediction (above) as well as potentially further refine the haplogroup.

  1. see also Chandler Family Association DNA Project

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