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Status summary

Martha West and her first husband, James Card, only had one son. James. While this son is known to have married, it is currently unknown whether he had any children.

Completed as of December 19, 2022:

  • Currently unknown whether their are any living patrilineal descendants of James Card.


First Generation

James Card, son of Richard Card and Rebecca Stanford was born Newport, RI about 1650 and died there about 24 Aug 1706. He married twice, first Ruth Havens (not descended from any Mayflower passenger) and second, North Kingstown 24 Mar 1703 Martha West.[1] By this second married James had two children: James (1703 m Barbara ____ unk. if any ch.) and Martha (1706).

  1. After James' death, Martha married Jeremiah Fones.

DNA Results

As of 30 Oct 2020 the Card DNA Project does not publicly disclose their Y-DNA results.</ref>

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