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Status summary

Completed as of Oct. 23, 2022:

  • Recruiting additional patrilineal (direct male-line) Nicholas Bonham descendants for NGS/WGS SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact

Still to do as of Oct. 23, 2022

  • NGS/WGS test multiple Nicholas Bonham descendants to firmly place family clade as well as discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


The General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) accepts Nicholas Bonham as marrying Hannah Fuller, and they had (among others) a son Hezekiah Bonham. However, the GSMD currently does not accept where Hezekiah had a second wife and family. Considerable evidence (including Y-DNA testing) does support a second family for Hezekiah, but more evidence (hopefully from contemporary sources) is needed to confirm the lineages below.

First Generation

(Sgt.) Nicholas Bonham poss. son of George Bonham of Plymouth, was likely born in England about 1630-35 and died Piscataway, (East) New Jersey between 20 Feb 1683[/4] and 28 Jul 1684.[1] He married Barnstable 1 Jan 1658/9 Hannah3 Fuller and they had at least nine children:[2] Hannah (1659), Mary (1661), Sarah (1664/5), Elizabeth (c1666), Hezekiah (1667), Nicholas (c1670 likely d.y.), Samuel (1672-1682), Jane (1675/6) and Priscilla (1677).

The family moved from Plymouth Colony to Piscataway in East (now New) Jersey.[3] The family were Baptists[4] and it is likely they moved away from Plymouth Colony due to their religious beliefs.

Second Generation

(Hon.) Hezekiah Bonham is said to have been born 6 May 1667[5] and died Maidenhead (now Lawrence), NJ after Jan 1733/4 (but likely before Jan 1737/8). He is believed to have married twice, first Piscataway 1690 Mary Dunn and likely second before 1701 poss. Mary Bishop.[6] By his first wife he had four children (Piscataway): Mary (1691), Samuel (1693), Hannah (1695) and Sarah (1697/8). By his second wife he is said to have had: Hezekiah (1701/2), Nehemiah (c1703), Zedekiah (c1705), Jeremiah (c1707), Amariah (c1708), Temperance (1710) and Malachia (1713). Currently, the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) does not accept descent from the children of Hezekiah's second marriage.

Third Generation

Samuel Bonham was born Piscataway 6 Feb 1693 and died bef 28 Dec 1743. He married in 1713 Catherine Anderson and they had two children: Samuel (c1714) and Ephraim (c1716). Currently, it is unknown whether there are any surviving patrilineal descendants of Samuel.

Hezekiah Bonham was born about 1701[7] and died about 1753. He married Hopewell 1726 Martha Runyon and they had at least three children: Hezekiah (c1725), Jacob (1726) and Joseph (c1732).

Nehemiah Bonham was born about 1703.[8] and died after Jul 1755.[9] He married twice: first, after 24 Nov 1722[10] Ann Stout and second, about 1740, Elizabeth Martin. By his first wife he is said to have had three children including Anne (b1724) and Mercy (c1727).

Zedekiah Bonham was born about 1705. He married He married twice: Sarah Compton and Ann(a) Martin.

Zachariah Bonham was born about 1707. He married twice, first about 1729 Maria Marlett and second about 1750 Patience Ayer.

Amariah Bonham was born about 1708. He married twice: Eunice King and Mary Drake.

Malachia Bonham was born Maidenhead 1713. He married thrice: Jemima Harker, Hannah BUCKINGHAM Heath and Mary Fox.

Jeremiah Bonham was born Maidenhead about 1715. He married Esther/Hester Dunn.

Ephraim Bonham was born Maidenhead about 1716.

Josiah Bonham was born Maidenhead about 1717.

poss. Isaiah Bonham was born Maidenhead about 1718.

Uriah Bonham was born about 1724

Obadiah Bonham was born Maidenhead bout 1725.

  1. Nicholas's will and inventory
  2. Some sources include Elijah (c1665)
  3. It is possible the family may have lived at Long Island (NY) for a short time before finally moving to Piscataway. The births of the children born between c1665-c1672 are not found in records.
  4. and later Seventh Day Baptist
  5. Source for this birth date unknown, but plausible. While stated to have been born at Piscataway, East (now New) Jersey, the family is not known to have lived in Piscataway circa 1672.
  6. There is some doubt about the identity of Hezekiah's second wife, and some genealogists (including the GSMD) question whether Hezekiah even had a second wife. Extensive evidence (including Y-DNA testing) suggest Hezekiah had a second wife and a large number of children (most sons names ending with "iah").
  7. He an younger brother Nehemiah were first taxed at Hopewell in 1722.
  8. First taxed at Hopewell in 1722.
  9. Named with wife in will of father in-law, Benjamin Martin.
  10. will of her father, Jonathan Stout, called her by her maiden name.

DNA Results R1b-PF6658

Previous testing

The Bonham DNA Project Group: BONHAM 1 currently has 25 individuals claiming their Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor (MDKPA) was Nicholas Bonham. These include lines descending from the following sons of (Hon.) Hezekiah Bonham by his second wife: Hezekiah, Nehemiah, Amariah, Malachia, Zachariah and Uriah. Some testers have only done Y12 STR testing while others are at various levels including Y111 STR testing. FTDNA has predicted they all fall under the R1b-M269 Haplogroup. One individual has done some Y-SNP testing and been determined to fall under: R-P312>Z46516>ZZ11>U152>PF6658

NGS/WGS testing

NGS/WGS testing of known Nicholas Y-DNA descendants would futher refine the haplogroup for the family and possibly define subclades for descendants.

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