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Status summary

Completed as of Aug 12, 2022:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Margaret, wife of Gregrory Baxter for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact


First Generation

Abigail Baxter, daughter of Gregory Baxter and Margaret ____[1] was born Braintree 28 Sep 1634 and died Braintree (now Quincy) 27 Aug 1692. She married Braintree 2 Nov 1650 Joseph Adams and they had twelve children: Hannah (1652), Joseph (1654), John (1656/7-1656/7), Abigail (1658/9), Bethia (1661), John (1661), Mary (1663 d.y.), Samuel (1665), Mary (1667/8), Peter (1669), Jonathan (1672) and Mehitable (1673).

Second Generation (all born Braintree, now Quincy)

Hannah Adams was born 13 Nov 1652 and died Braintree 15 Nov 1726. She married Braintree 10 Apr 1673 Samuel Savil and they had nine children:

Abigail Adams was born 27 Feb 1659/9 and died Braintree 26 Oct 1696. She married Braintree 1687 John Bass and they had two children (Braintree): John (1688) and Samuel (1691).

Bethia Adams was born 20 Dec 1661 and died Braintree 6 Oct 1698. She married May 1680 John Webb and they had two children: Samuel (1689) and Bethia (1691).

Mary Adams was born 25 Feb 1667/8 and died Braintree 9 Mar 1706. She married Chelmsford 1694 Samuel Bass and they had five children (Braintree): Jonathan (bp1697), Abigail (bp 1697 m John Wild), Mary (bp 1698 m William Bowditch), Samuel (1700) and Bethia (1704 m William Torrey).

Third Generation

  1. William Paddy of Plymouth, in his 1658 will made a bequest to his sister Margaret Baxter. There were two Mrs. Margaret Bazters living in New England at this time period. Margaret, wife of Nicholas Baxter of Boston and Margaret wife of Gregory Baxter of Braintree. More research is needed to see if it is possible to identify which Margaret was the sister to William Paddy.

DNA results TBD

To date, we know of no matrilinear (all female line) descendants of Margaret, wife of Gregory Baxter, has taken a mtDNA test and published their results. Matrilineal descendants are encouraged to contact