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Status summary

Completed as of April 15, 2021:

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of James Barnaby for SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact

Still to do as of April 15, 2021

  • NGS/WGS test multiple descendants of James Barnaby to place the family clade as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


For more information see Wakefield, Robert S., Mayflower Families through Five Generations, Vol. 18 part II (daughters Mary, Annna & Elizabeth), General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA, 2011.

First Generation

James Barnaby was born prob. in England abt 1645 and died bef 30 Oct 1677. He married prob. Plymouth bef 14 Jun 1670 Lydia Bartlett[1] and they had two children (born Plymouth): James (c1670) and Stephen (bef 1674).

Second Generation

James Barnaby (II) was born Plymouth about 1670 and died Freetown 5 Jul 1726 in 56th yr. He married Plymouth abt 1697 Joanna Harlow. Prior to this marriage, James was accused of being the father of Elizabeth Hughes child born in 1690.[1] James and Joanna had three children (born Plymouth): James (1698-b1726 unm.), Ambrose (1706) and Lydia.

Stephen Barnaby was born Plymouth about 1674 and died Provincetown bef 3 Jul 1727. He married twice, first Plymouth 10 Dec 1696 Ruth Morton and second Plymouth 11 Jul 1710 Judith HARLOW Church. By his first wife, Stephen had five children (born Plymouth): Lydia (1697), Ruth (1699), Elizabeth (1701), Timothy (1706) and Hannah (1709). By his second wife Stephen had one more child (born Plymouth): Joseph (1712).

Third Generation

Ambrose Barnaby was born Plymouth 20 Apr 1706 and died Freetown 18 Apr 1775. He married Freetown 4 Jul 1728 Elizabe6th Gardiner and they had nine children: Mary (1728 d.y.), James (1730 m Lois Hedges), Joanna (1733), Samuel (1735 m Sylvia Winslow), Elizabeth (1737), Lydia (1740), Mary (1744), Ambrose (1746 unk if marr) and Sarah (1748).

Timothy Barnaby was born Plymouth 15 Apr 1706 and died there 4 Nov 1762. He married Martha ____ and they had four children: Stephen (1728 m Desire Chappell), Mercy (c1730), Ruth (1735) and Timothy (1739 m Elizabeth Beckwith).

Joseph Barnaby was born Plymouth 3 Apr 1712. He married Lydia ____ and they had at least: Joseph (1736).

  1. While this child is known to be living in 1693, it is currently unknown if it was a son or a daughter.

DNA results R1b-Z36

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Barnaby DNA Project lists one individual claiming Y-DNA descent from James Barnaby[1]. This individual has not SNP tested and FTDNA predicted they fall under the R1b-M269 Haplogroup. They have tested 111 Y-STRs and plugging their STR values into the NevGen Haplogroup Predictor gives a prediction of falling under R1b U152>Z36 with a probability of 70.02% with subclades of R1b U152>L2 comprising several of the very low probability results also listed.

Further needed testing

We need additional direct male-line descendants of Samuel Rider (and preferably of his son Samuel [II]) to WGS/NGS test to confirm/refute this prediction and further refine the haplogroup/clade for the family.

  1. The project also lists a second individual who is a very close Y67 match who does not list a MDKPA (Most Distat Known Patrilineal Ancestor)

References & External Links

  • Wakefield, Robert S., Mayflower Families through Five Generations, Vol. 18 part II (daughters Mary, Annna & Elizabeth), General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA, 2011
  • Bartlett Genealogy Database