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Status summary

Completed as of March 24, 2021:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line William Walker descendants for NGS/WGS SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Still to do as of March 24, 2021

  • NGS/WGS test multiple William Walker descendants to firmly place family clade as well as discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


First Generation

William Walker was born England abt 1620 and died prob. Eastham bef 25 Oct 1703. He married Eastham 25 Feb 1654/5 Sarah Snow and they had six children (born Eastham): John (1655-1676 unm), William (1657-c1659), William (1659), Sarah (1662), Elizabeth (1664) and Jabez (1668).

Second Generation

William Walker (II) was born Eastham 2 Aug 1659 and died there Jan 1743/4. He married Susanna ____[1] and they had four children (born Eastham): Susanna (c1682), John, William (c1692) and Mehitable (c1698).

Jabez Walker was born Eastham 8 Jul 1668 and died there abt 1742. He married Elizabeth ____ and they had eight children (born Eastham): Richard (1695), Rejoice (dau. 1697), Mary (1699), Jeremiah (1702), Mercy (1704), Jabez, Sarah and Patience

Third Generation

John Walker was born Eastham abt 1687 and died there 28 Jan 1760. He married Eastham 18 Oct 1711 Mercy Brown and they had six children (born Eastham): Samuel (1713 m Rebecca Freeman & Sarah ?WILEY? Hopkins), Mercy (1717/8), John (1720 m Hannah Remick), Joshua (1721/2 unk if marr), Sarah (1723/4) and Mehitable (1728).

William Walker (III) was born Eastham abt 1692 and died there 15 Feb 1780 in 88th yr. He married Eastham 24 Oct 1717 Anne Young and they had nine children (born Eastham): Susanna (1718), Priscilla (1719/20), Nathaniel (1721/2 m Miriam Hatch), Hannah (1724), Anne (1726), Andrew (1728 m Sarah Doane & Dorcas Paine), William (1730 m Hannah Hinckley), David (1732 m Thankful Brown) and Eleazer (1734/5 m Sarah Snow).

Richard Walker was born Eastham 12 Jun 1695 and died Plainfield CT 18 Oct 1755. He married Needham 12 Sep 1720 Johana Tomlin and they had three children (born Eastham): Elizabeth (1722), Nathaniel (1724/5 unk if marr) and Matthew (1727 m Milly Brown, Abigail Nichols & Lydia Woodward)

Jeremiah Walker was born Eastham abt 1699 and died prob. Harwich bef 27 Jul 1734. He married Needham 13 Oct 1724 Esther Tomlin and they had four children: Benjamin (c1726 m Marsylvia Keith), Jeremiah (1731 m Betty Small & Rebecca Gould), James (unk if marr) and Elizabeth "Betsey".

Jabez Walker was born Eastham and living at Barrington, Nova Scotia on 13 Sep 1790. He married Provincetown 17 Jul 1748 Sarah COLLINS Atwood and they had three children (born Provincetown): Jabez (1749 m Joanna Smith & Mehitable ___), James (1752 unk if marr) and Joanna.

  1. poss. daughter of Andrew Ring & Deborah Hopkins

DNA Results TBD

Previous testing

The Walker DNA Project currently does not have any Y-DNA descendants of William Walker of Eastham.

NGS/WGS testing

NGS/WGS testing of William Walker Y-DNA descendants would identify the haplogroup for the family and possibly define subclades for descendants.

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