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Status summary

Completed as of Aug 7, 2022:

  • Recruiting matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Sarah Wensley, wife of Isaac Winslow for mtDNA testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

Sarah Wensley was born Boston 11 Aug 1673, daughter of John and Elizabeth Wensley. She married Boston 11 Jul 1700 Isaac Winslow and she died there 16 Dec 1753. Sarah and Isaac had four children (Marshfield): John (1703), Penelope (1704), Elizabeth (1707) and Edward (1714).

Second Generation

Penelope Winslow was born Marshfield 21 Dec 1704 and died Plymouth 25 May 1737. She married Plymouth 30 Jan 1723/4 (Col.) James Warren (II) and they had five children (Plymouth): James (1726), Ann (1728-1757 unm.), Sarah (1730), Winslow (1733) and Josiah (1736).

Elizabeth Winslow was born Marshfield 13 Dec 1707 and died Salem 20 Sep 1761. She married Marshfield 20 Nov 1729 Benjamin Marston and they had seven children: Benjamin (1730), Elizabeth (1732), Patience (1733/4), Sarah (1735), John (1740), Lucia (1747) and Winslow (1749).

Third Generation

DNA results TBD

To date, we know of no matrilinear (all female line) descendants of Sarah Wensley, wife of Isaac Winslow, has taken a mtDNA test and published their results. Matrilineal descendants are encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com