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Status summary

Completed as of March 30, 2021:

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of John Swan for NGS/WGS testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)


First Generation

Jon Swan was born in England about 1620 and died Cambridge 5 Jun 1708 in his 88th year. He married there 1 Mar 1655/6 Mary Pratt and they had eight children (born Cambridge): Samuel (1657-1678 unm), Mary (1659), Elizabeth (1661), Lydia (1663), John (1665), Hannah (1667), Mercy (c1660) and Ebenezer (1672).

Second Generation

John Swan was born Cambridge 1 May 1665 and died there bef 27 Feb 1735/6. He married Woburn 11 Apr 1692 Sarah Thompson and they had five children (born Woburn): John (1693-1693), Sarah (1695 nfr), John (1698), Hannah (1701) and Samuel (1708 nfr).

Ebenezer Swan was born Cambridge 14 Nov 1672 and died Arlington 27 May 1740. He married Woburn 2 Mar 1698 Elizabeth Bruce and they had six children (born Cambridge): Elizabeth (1699), Sarah (1700/1), Ebenezer (1703/4), Mary (1706/7), Samuel (1711) and William (1713/4).

Third Generation

John Swan was born Woburn 5 Jul 1698. He married abt 1724 Jean ____ and they had six children: Mary (1725), John (m Elizabeth McWithey), Isaac (1731 m Elizabeth Wedge), Benjamin (1734-1761 unm), Hannah, Amos (1741 m Lois Wedge) and Nathan (1745 m Temperance Phillips).

Ebenezer Swan was born Cambridge 23 Mar 1703/4 and died Arlington 23 Apr 1752. He married Watertown 12 Sep 1728 Bathsheba Grant and they had eight children (all but last born Cambridge): Peter (1728/9 unk if marr), Ebenezer (1730 m Mary Mansur), Benjamin (1733 unk if marr), Joseph (17356 m Jeannette ___), Bathsheba (1737/8), Mary (1738/9-1740), Joshua (1742 m Sarah Cutter) and Mary (Arlington 1745-1747).

Samuel Swan was born Cambridge 5 Apr 1711 died there 19 Jun 1750. He married abt 1737 Sarah Patten and they had six children (born Cambridge): Samuel (1737/8 m Sarah Williams), Aaron (1740 m Susanna Eliot), George (1742-1748), Sarah (1744/5), Nathan (1747 m Phebe Wilson) and George (1750 m Prudence Swan).

William Swan was born Cambridge 31 Jan 1713/4 died bef 28 Jan 1763. He married twice, first Cambridge 13 Apr 1743 Ruth Polley and second New London, CT 25 Dec 1754 Eunice Ally. No known children by either wife.

DNA results R1b-FT345696

Current results

The Swann DNA Project Group: 1. Family K documents two Y-DNA descendants of John Swan, both who have taken a Big Y test, which documents their haplogroup as: R1b-P312>ZZ11>DF27>Z195>Z198>L165>BY456>BY13623>BY90664>FT345097>FT345696

NGS/WGS testing

Y-DNA descendant(s) of John Swan need to publicly disclose their Y-DNA results in order to place their family.

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