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Status summary

As of April 7, 2022

  • Page created for Mehitable Nelson, wife of John Doty.
  • Recruitment of individuals who believe they are mtDNA descendants of Mehitable NELSON Doty are encouraged to contact

Paper Trail

First Generation

Mehitable Nelson, daughter of John Nelson and Sarah Wood (Abigail Jenney, Sarah Carey) was born Plymouth 5 Apr 1670 and died there bef 25 Apr 1745. She married Plymouth 2 Feb 1693 John Doty and they had seven children (Plymouth): Mehitable (1694), Edward (1697), John (1700), Jacob (1703), Sarah (1707 likely unm.), Susannah (1710) and Lydia (1713).

Second Generation

Mehitable Doty was born Plymouth 4 Nov 1694 and died there 18 Feb 1769. She married Plymouth 4 May 1722 William Lucas and they had seven children (Plymouth): William (1723-1734), Phebe (1725-b1748), Priscilla (1727), Joseph (1729), Benjamin (1729), Isaac (1731), William (1734) and Mehitable (1737).

Susannah Doty was born Plymouth 20 Apr 1710 and died there aft 16 Nov 1750. She married Plymouth 29 Apr 1739 John Finney and they had six children: Josiah (1740), Robert (1741), Ezra (1745), Sylvanus (1745), Ephraim (1748) and William (1750).

Lydia Doty was born Plymouth 2 Feb 1713 and died Carver 14 Nov 1768. She married John Lucas and they had three children (Plymouth): Joseph (1742), John (1744) and Hannah (1750).

mtDNA Results TBD

As of January 1, 2023, no matrilineal (direct female-line) descendants of Sarah Carey (maternal grandmother of Mehitable Nelson) have publicly revealed where they have mtDNA tested. Any such descendants are encouraged to contact

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