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Status summary

Completed as of September 29, 2020:

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of Nathaniel Mayo for further SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact
  • Y-SNP tested to R-P312>DF19>Z302>Z35646>Z8193>FT18289>Z39896[1]
  1. based on Big Y-700 result of a descendant of William Mayo of Isle of Wight, Virginia. STR results indicate this family is related to Rev. John Mayo of Barnstable, Massachusetts. The descendants of William are FT137226+ (a subclade of Z39896), but it is currently unknown if the descendants of Rev. John are positive for this clade.

Still to do as of September 29, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test actual descendants of Nathaniel Mayo to confirm assignment as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines.


First Generation

(Rev.) John Mayo married Thomasine Brike. They emigrated to New England about 1638/9. They had (among other children) John and Nathaniel.

Second Generation

John Mayo (II) was born in England about 1623 and died in Eastham 4 Nov 1706. He married Hannah Leycroft and had ten children including William[1].

Nathaniel Mayo was born in England about 1627. He married Hannah Prence (daughter of Gov. Thomas Prence and Patience Brewster) 13 Feb 1649/50, they soon moved to Eastham where Nathaniel died in the winter of 1661/2. His will (dated 19 Dec 1661, proved 4 Feb 1661/2) named six children; two daughters and four sons (Thomas, Nathaniel, Samuel & Theophilus [died young]).

Third Generation

Thomas was born 7 Dec 1650, probably at Eastham, and died there 22 Apr 1729. He married Eastham 13 Jun 1677 Barbara Knowles. They had ten children; four daughters and six sons (Thomas, Theophilus, Judah, Richard, an infant son, and Israel)

Nathaniel was born at Eastham 16 Nov 1652 and died there 30 Nov 1709. He married twice; first to Elizabeth Wixon 28 Jan 1677/8 at Eastham and second Eastham 10 Jun 1708 to Mercy Young. He had eight children by his first wife; four daughters and four sons (Nathaniel, Ebenezer, Elisha and Robert)

Samuel was born at Eastham 12 Oct 1655 and died there 29 Oct 1738. He married twice, first to Ruth ?Hopkins (likely daughter of Giles Hopkins[2]) and second to Mary Sweet. Supposedly, all of his eight children are by Ruth; six daughters and two sons (Samuel and Jonathan)

  1. William Mayo's only son died young, so no living Y-DNA descendants.
  2. This identification is currently NOT accepted by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants or the Pilgrim Hopkins Heritage Society. It is possible mtDNA testing may be able to confirm/refute this identification.

DNA results R-FT137226

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Mayo Family DNA project currently (as of September 29, 2020) has three Y-DNA descendants of Rev. John Mayo (father of Nathaniel Mayo). One of these three males have tested out to 111 STR markers. In addition, this project has ten members who are Y-DNA descendants of William Mayo of Isle of Wight, Virginia (three of whom have tested 111 STR markers and two have taken a Big Y test). The Rev. John Mayo 111 STR descendant is a distance of 5 from the William Mayo descendants, documenting where these two families are somehow related.

NGS/WGS testing

The Big Y result for the descendant of William Mayo has been assigned to the following Haplogroup: R-FT161976. This clade goes as follows: R-P312>DF19>Z302>Z35646>Z8193>FT18289>Z39896>FT137226>FT161976. Given the fact there appears to only be two members of the Mayo family who has taken a Next Generation Sequence/Whole Genome Sequence (NGS/WGS) test to date, it is likely the Y-DNA descendants of Rev. John Mayo (including all of the Y-DNA descendants of his son Nathaniel) would fall under R-FT137226 and possibly even some of the SNPs in the R-FT161976 clade.

Further needed testing

We would need a Y-DNA descendant of Rev. John Mayo (and preferably a Y-DNA descendant of his son Nathaniel) to take a NGS/WGS test to confirm the haplogroup, as well as define a haplogroup for the Mayo family. In addition, we would expect to find some SNP differences between the Y-DNA descendants of Rev. John and the Y-DNA descendants of William.

References & External Links

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