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Status summary

Completed as of November 10, 2021:

  • Seeking any direct male-line descendants of Thomas Huckens for NGS/WGS testing. Please contact:
  • Not believed to have any surviving Y-DNA descendants, but more research is needed.


First Generation

Thomas Huckens was born in England say 1617 and died at sea 29 Nov 1679. He is said to have immigrated to Boston in 1635, but was one of the original settlers of Barnstable in 1637. He married twice: First 1642 Mary Wells and second 3 Nov 1648 widow Rose ____ Hillyer. By his first wife he had three children: Lydia (1744 d.y.), Mary (1646) and Elizabeth (1647-1648). By his second wife, John had four more children (Barnstable): John (1649), Thomas (1651), Hannah (1653) and Joseph (1655 died with his father, supposedly single).

Second Generation

John Huckens was born Barnstable 2 Aug 1649 and died there 10 Nov 1678. He married Barnstable 10 Aug 1670 Hope Chipman and they had five children (Barnstable): Elizabeth (1671), Mary (1673), Experience (1675), Hope (1677) and Mehitable (ca 1679). Thus there are no Y-DNA descendants from John Huckens.

Thomas Huckens (II) was born Barnstable 25 Apr 1651 and died there 15 Oct 1714. He married twice: First Barnstable 1 May 1680 Hannah Chipman and second 17 Aug 1698 Sarah Pope. By his first wife, Thomas had nine children (Barnstable): Hannah (1681-1698), Joseph (1682 m Sarah Lothrop, no ch.), Mary (1684), John (1686 m. Mary ___ no ch.), Thomas (1687/8), Hope (1689), James (1691- bef 1714 unm.), Samuel (1693-1718 unm.) and Jabez (1696-1699). By his second wife, THomas had one more child: Hannah (1699).

Third Generation

Thomas Huckens (III) was born Barnstable 15 Jan 1687/8 and died there 3 Mar 1774. He married Harwich 29 Aug 1717 Rachel Snow and they had ten children (Barnstable): Samuel (1718), Thomas (1719), John (1721), Snow (twin 1723), Jabez (twin 1723), Joseph (1726), infant son (1728), James (1730) and Elizabeth (1732).

Fourth Generation

James Huckins was born Barnstable 11 Apr 1730 and died there 25 Jun 1818. He was the only son of Thomas (III) who was known to have married. He married Barnstable 30 Mar 1758 Lydia Scudder and they had Four children (Barnstable): Elizabeth (1759), Samuel (1761 married, but line daughtered out), Hannah (1764) and Rachel (1768).

Unless another son of Thomas Huckens (III) married and had sons, the Y-DNA line of this family does not survive. More research is needed.

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