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As a participant

If you are a Y-DNA (all male line) or mtDNA (all female line) descendant of a Mayflower passenger, or a spouse of a child or grandchild of a Mayflower passenger, , you may be able to help the project's research by providing a DNA sample (from saliva). Currently, we are only looking at Y-DNA (patrilineal line descent: son of a son of a son, etc.) and mtDNA (matrilineal line descent: daughter of a daughter of a daughter, etc.) lines from Mayflower passengers, their spouses, and the spouses of their children and grandchildren. If you believe you meet these criteria, please contact us at

What if my DNA doesn't qualify

Even if you do not have Y-DNA or mtDNA from someone in this wiki, you can still help the effort by contributing funds towards testing. The cost of the DNA tests are a significant obstacle which keeps some individuals from testing. Family Tree DNA provides a place for individuals to donate money to the projects to help offset the costs of the testing. You can either contribute to the GSMD/FTDNA Mayflower DNA Project or the appropriate surname project. You should contact an administrator of the project to let them know how you wish your contribution to be spent (i.e. on a certain test for a certain passenger, etc.).

As a researcher

We are very much interested in working with genetic genealogy researchers, surname project administrators, and Mayflower organizations/genealogists/researchers in order to help guide project goals and research. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us at .

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