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Status summary

Completed as of August 6, 2021:



Elder Henry Cobb was born in Kent, England about 1605 and died before Barnstable 3 Jun 1679 when his intestate estate was administered. He married twice, first abt Plymouth Apr 1631 Patience Hurst and second, Barnstable 12 Dec 1649 Sarah Hinkley. By his firs wife Henry had seven children: John (1632), James (1635), Mary (1637), Hannah (1639), Patience (1642), Gershom (1645 never married) and Eleazer (1648 never married). By his second wife Henry had eight more children (Barnstable): Mehitable (1651-1652), Samuel (1654), Sarah (1657/8-1657/8), Jonathan (1669), Sarah (1663), Henry (1665), Mehitable (1667 never married) and Experience (1671 unk. if marr.)

Second Generation

John Cobb was the eldest child by the first wife. He was born in Plymouth 7 Jun 1632 and died there 22 Feb 1714. He married Plymouth 28 Apr 1658 Martha Nelson and they had five children: John (1662), Patience (1668), Ebenezer (1671), Elisha (1679) and James (1682)

(Dea.) Jonathan Cobb was a child by the second wife. He was born in Barnstable 10 Apr 1669 and died Plymouth 5 Aug 1728. He married Barnstable 1 Mar 1683 Hope Chipman and they had six children (Barnstable): Samuel (1683), Jonathan (1686), Ebenezer (1688), Joseph (1690), Lydia (1693) and Gershom (1695).

Third Generation

John Cobb (II) was born Plymouth 24 Aug 1662 and died there 8 Oct 1727. He married Plymouth 5 Sep 1688 Rachel Soule and they had five children (Plymouth): John (1689), Martha (1692), Patience (1693), James (1696) and Rachel (1702).

DNA Results I1a-YP1270

===Previous Y-DNA testing===[1] The Cobb Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project Group R1a > M459 (SRY10831) > M198 > Z93 > Z94 > Z2124 > Z2122 > F1345 > F1345 > Y57 > Y52 > YP1270 (Descendants of Henry the Elder) currently has nine public Y-DNA results for descendants of Elder Henry Cobb. The family falls under the R1a>M459/(SRY10831)>M198>Z93>Z94>Z2124>Z2122>F1345>F1345>Y57>Y52>YP1270 haplogroup.[2]

NGS/WGS testing

  1. According to [https://cobbandcobbs.com/dna/henry_elder_dna.phtml Elder Henry Cobb DNA results, the Cobb family originally tested with Relative Genetics, which was later sold to Ancestry. Ancestry later abandoned their Y-DNA testing. The Cobb family has maintained the results from this DNA project on the web page above.
  2. It is currently unknown whether any Cobb has done any NGS/WGS testing to receive this result, or whether the Cobb DNA administrator used a tool such as Nevgen.org to come up with this haplogroup assignment.

References and External Links

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