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Status summary

Completed as of January 31, 2022:

  • Recruiting patrilineal (all male-line) Daniel Grinnell descendants (and preferably through his son Daniel) for NGS/WGS SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact

Still to do as of October 29, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test multiple Grinnell descendants to firmly place family clade as well as discover any subclades unique to descendants' lines


For more information see: * Woodworth-Barnes, Esther Littleford (ed. by Alicia Crane Williams), Mayflower Family Through Five Generations, Vol. 16 Alden

First Generation

Daniel Grinnell (II)[1] son of Daniel Grinnell and Mary Wodell, was born Portsmouth, RI abt 1666 and died Saybrook (now Westbrook), CT 7 Jan 1740/1. He married abt 1683 Lydia Pabodie and they had eleven children: Mary (c1685), Elizabeth (c1687), Priscilla (c1689), Peabody (c1691), Ruth (c1692 d.y.), Lydia (c1693), Rebecca (c1695), Sarah (c1698), George (1702), Jemima (1704/5) and Daniel (1707/8-b1726 unm.)

Second Generation

Peabody Grinnell(Paybody) was born Little Compton abt 1691. He married twice, first Saybrook (now Westbrook) 8 Apr 1718 Ruth Nettleton and second Saybrook (now Westbrook) 20 Mar 1732/3 Sarah Barnes. By his first wife he had six children: Daniel (1717/8-1727), Ruth (1721/2), Lydia (1723), Jasper (1726/7), Barber (1727/8), and Hannah (1731/2). By his second wife he had eight more children: Pabody (1733/4), Samuel (1735/6-1760 unm.), Sarah (1738), Elizabeth (1740), Jonathan (1742/3), Sylvester (1745/6 d.y.), Jemima (1747) and John (c1749 likely unm.)

George Grinnell[2] was born Little Compton 12 Apr 1702 and died Saybrook, CT 11 Dec 1759. He married Saybrook 31 Jan 1725/6 Mary Bull and they had nine children: William (1726/7), Daniel (1729), Mary (1731), Anne (1734), Phebe (1736), Rebecca (1738), Lydia (1741/2), Lucy (1746) and Temperance (1748)

Third Generation

Jasper Grinnell was born Saybrook (now Westbrook) 29 Jan 1726/7 and died Salisbury, CT 10 Mar 1820. He married Saybrook 31 May 1749 Sarah Hill and they had eight children: Beulah (1749/50), Michael (1751/2 m Susannah Balcom), Jasper (1754 m Mary Utter), Noah (1757 d.y.), Noah (1760 m Lydia London & Sally Bird), David (1763 m Abigail Hubbell), Seth (1761 prob. unm.) and Abel (1773-1793 unm.)

Barber/Barbour Grinnell was born Saybrook (now Westbook) 19 Feb 1727/8 and died Clinton, CT 12 Nov 1815. He married Killingworth, CT 2 Jan 1751/2 Margaret Kelsey and they had twelve children: Margaret (1753-1755), Barber (1755-1762), William Barber (1757 m Sarah Griffin), Ruth (1759), Samuel (1761-1762), Lovice (1763), Anna (1765), Margaret (1767), Hannah (1769), Lydia (1772-1773), Levi Barber (c1774 m Hannah ___) and Hannah (c1777).

Pabody Grinnell was born Saybrook (now Westbrook) 12 Feb 1733/4 and died Salisbury, CT 12 Dec 1782. He married Saybrook 8 Mar 1758 Charity Chapman and they had eleven children: Charity (1758), Hannah (1760), Roxanna (c1763), Samuel (c1765 m Rebecca Woodworth), Tabitha (c1767 d.y.), Phebe (c1769), Chapman (1772 m Elizabeth Nash), Peabody (1774-b1790), Tabitha (1776), James (1779 m Polly Vosburg) and Sylvester (1781 m Rhoda Staples & Hannah Morrison).

Jonathan Grinnell was born Saybrook (now Westbrook) 6 Mar 1742/3 and died Dorset, VT 4 Dec 1821. He married Westbrook, CT 7 Jan 1771 Judith Waterhouse and they had thirteen children: Abigail (c1771), Peabody, Sally, Lydia (c1780), Jonathan (c1782), Abram (c1783), Rhoda, John (1786 m Lydia Rudd), Martha, Wealthy, Sylvester Daton (1791 m ___), Lucy and Judith

William Grinnell was born Westbrook 26 Feb 1726/7 and died there 25 Nov 1760. He married abt 1747 Mary ?Wise? and they had eight children: Hester/Esther (1747/8), Dorothea (1749), George (1750 m Lydia Stephens), William (1752 m Lucy Clarke & Lucy Kinney/Kenney), Wine (1754 m Temperance Cone), Marah (1757), Caroline "Lina" (1759) and Submit (1761).

Daniel Grinnell was born Westbrook Apr 1729 and died Greenfield, NY 21 Dec 1801. He married abt 1751 Ann Chapman and they had twelve children: Daniel (1752 m Anna Everest), Amasa (1754 m Rachel ___), Reuben (1755 m Mabel Everts Martin), Charlotte (1757 d.y.), Aaron (1759-1768), Charlotte (1761), Benjamin (1764 m Phebe Denison), Ezra (1766 m Olive Parker), Aaron (1769 m Betsey ___), Ann (1771), Asenath (1774) and Elect (1774).

DNA results I1-M253

Previous Y-DNA testing

As of January 31, 2022 Family Tree DNA does not have a Grinnell surname DNA Project, but has 23 kits associated with the Grinnell surname. There is one individual who claims Y-DNA descent from Matthew Grinnell (grandfather of Daniel Grinnell (II) in the Mayflwer DNA Project subgroup: XX - Alden, John YDNA/FF Tests. This individual has not done Y-SNP testing, and has only done 37-YSTR testing to date. FTDNA has predicted he would fall under the I1-M253 haplogroup.

Further needed testing

We need patrilineal (all male-line) descendants of Daniel Grinnell (and preferably through his son Daniel) to WGS/NGS test to confirm and further refine the haplogroup placement.

References & External Links

  • Woodworth-Barnes, Esther Littleford (ed. by Alicia Crane Williams), Mayflower Family Through Five Generations, Vol. 16 Alden General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA part 1 (first four generations) 1999; part 2 (fifth generation of daughter Elizabeth) 2002