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Status summary

Completed as of March 1, 2021:

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of George Denison for NGS/WGS testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)


First Generation

George Denison (II) was born in Barnstable 16 Jul 1653, son of (Capt.) George Denison & Ann Borodell, and died Westerly, RI 27 Dec 1711. He married Barnstable about 1677 Mercy Gorham and they had nine children (prob. all born Stonington, CT): Edward, Joseph, Mercy, Samuel, Desire, Elizabeth, Desire, Thankful and George.

Second Generation

Edward Denison was born prob. Stonington, CT abt 1678 and baptized with his brother Joseph 12 Nov 1683. Edward died Westerly, RI 9 Dec 1726. He married twice, first Yarmouth 20 Nov 1701 Mercy Hedge and second 2 Mar 1718 Anna DENISON Minor (?Ripley) (no children). By his first wife, Edward had seven children: Edward (1699 d.y.), John (1701 m. 4x), Elisha (1703-1714), Mary (1705), Desire (1707), "Abby" (1709) and Thankful (1709).

Joseph Denison was born prob. Stonington, CT and baptized with older brother 12 Nov 1683. He died there 18 Feb 1724/5. Joseph married 17 Feb 1706 Prudence Minor (Sprague) and they had nine children: Joseph (1707 m. 3x), Prudence (1709), Borodell (dau, 1711/2), Amos (1713/4 m. Martha Gallup), Nathan (1715/6 m. Ann Cary & Hannah Fuller), Joanna (1717), Elizabeth (1719), Thankful (1723) and Anna (1724).

Samuel Denison was baptized Stonington, CT 26 Sep 1686 and died Saybrook Point 2 Jun 1724. He married bef 1709 Mary Lay and they had: Sarah (1709/10), Samuel (1711 m. Abigail Conklin & Sybil Pratt), Mercy (1713), Elizabeth (1714 d.y.), Joanna (1715), George (twin 1717/8 m. Jemima Post), Mary/Mercy (twin 1717/8), Christopher (1720 m. Elizabeth Kelsey), Stephen (1721/2-1724) and Gideon (1725 m. Elizabeth Chalker)

George Denison (III) was baptized Stonington, CT 7 May 1699 and died New London 16 Jan 1736/7. He married twice, first Stonington 28 Sep 1721 Sarah Minor and second Stonington 10 May 1727 Joanna Hinckley (Tyler). By his first wife George had: Joseph (1722 m. Lucy Chesebrough) and Mary (1724). By his second wife he had: Elijah (1728-1731), George (1730-1730) and Sarah (1733).

DNA results I2a2a>>L623

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Family Tree DNA Dennison DNA Project currently does not separate the various Den(n)ison families. However, a private correspondence with the administrator of the project noted where several descendants of George Denison had taken the old Ancestry Y-STR DNA test. Plugging in the modal values from these tests into the NevGen Haplogroup Predictor gave a prediction of: I2a2a>M223>Z161>L623 with a 99.7% probability (however, having a fairly low fitness score due to lack of STR values).

Further needed testing

We need direct male-line descendants of this Denison family to WGS/NGS test to discover where this family falls in the Y-DNA tree.

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