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As of January 31, 2022

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Not much is known about Deborah, wife of George Soule (II). While the 2015 edition of the George Soule Silver Book claimed her maiden name may be Thomas, the sources sited for this information do not give any reference to her possible maiden name.[1] Deborah made out her will (Dartmouth) 24 Jan 1708/9 which was probated 1 Mar 1709/10. She married by 1664 to George Soule (II) and they had eight children (Dartmouth): George (c1664), William (c1671), John (c1675), Nathan (c1677), Deborah (c1679 d.y.), Mary (c1681), Lydia (c1685) and Sarah (b1688).

Second Generation

Mary Soule was born Dartmouth abt 1681 and died in what is now New Bedford 17 Jun 1729. She married bef 1700 Jonathan Devol (Davoll) and they had seven children (Dartmouth, now New Bedford): Christopher (1699), Lydia (1701), Joseph (1703), Mary (1705), Hannah (1707), Benjamin (1709) and Jonathan (1711).

Lydia Soule was born Dartmouth abt 1685 and died Little Compton (now in RI) aft 24 Jun 1720. She married abt 1704 William Brownell and they had seven children: Deborah (1705), Rejoice (1707), Sarah (1709), Mary (1712-1712), William (1715/6), Martha (1718/9-1736 unm.) and Benjamin (1729).

Sarah Soule was born Dartmouth bef 1 Mar 1688 and died aft 9 Nov 1768.[2] She had a child out of wedlock (father John Wheaton) Elizabeth Wheaton (1706). Sarah later married Dartmouth 19 Apr 1726 John Tibbetts (no children).

Third Generation

Lydia Devol was born Dartmouth (now New Bedford) 3 Apr 1701 and died aft 5 Sep 1770. She married Dartmouth abt 1725 Barnabas Hargill and they had four children: Christopher, Barnabas, Joseph and William

Mary Devol was born Dartmouth (now New Bedford) 14 Jul 1705 and died Dartmouth abt 5 Nov 1798. She married Little Compton 23 Nov 1726 Nathaniel Potter and they had ten children: Lydia (1727 m William Sisson), Desire (1729 m John Macomber), Elizabeth (1731 m Benjamin Shaw), Stokes (1731), Joseph (1735), Bathsheba (1737 m Benjamin Wing), Cornelius (1739), Stephen (1741), Mary (c1745) and Hannah (1747 m Daniel Tripp)

Hannah Devol was born Dartmouth (now New Bedford) 4 Apr 1707 and died aft 11 Apr 1769. She married Dartmouth 9 Feb 1726/7 Thomas Mosher and they had three children: Nicholas (1728), Elizabeth (1735 m John Webster [II]) and Hannah.

Deborah Brownell was born (prob. at Little Compton) 30 Oct 1705 and died Dartmouth aft 19 Jan 1769. She married Little Compton 27 Apr 1724 Cyrus Tallman and they had at least two children: Margaret and Hannah.

Rejoice Brownell was born (prob. at Little Compton) 29 Jul 1707 and died Dartmouth 17 Mar 1733. She married Tiverton, RI 25 May 1730 Benjamin Macomber and they had two children: Lydia (1731 m Edward Perry [II]), and Michael (1732/3).

Sarah Brownell was born Little Compton 26 Jun 1709 and died there 20 Apr 1756. She married Little Compton 5 Mar 1734/5 Samuel Irish and they had eight children: Jonathan (1735/6), Smiton (1737), Joanna (1739), Sarah (1742), Elizabeth (c1746), Abner (1748), Priscilla (1750) and Marah (1751/2 m William Oldfield).

Elizabeth Wheaton was born Swansea abt 12 May 1706 and died there bef 1744. She married Swansea 20 Oct 1726 Elisha Chase and they had eight children (not traced further): Phebe, Martha (1731 m William Baker), Elisha, Charity (1734 m Stephen Bourn), Sarah, Susanna, Sybel and John (1743).

  1. See Find a Grave memorial for Deborah for more information.
  2. Named in will of nephew, John Soule.

mtDNA Results

To date, no known matrilineal (all female line) descendant has publicly revealed where they have mtDNA tested. Anyone who believes they are a matrilineal descendant (in other words, anyone who believes their mother's mother's mother's etc. mother was Deborah) is encourage to take a full mtDNA test and to contact

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