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YSEQ offers Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) testing and a variety of Sanger sequencing tests for both Y-DNA and mtDNA. They offer a "Wish a SNP" program where individuals can make a SNP available for testing for only US $1.00. Please note where this program only identifies the "primers" needed to test for the SNP. Once an individual orders a SNP not previously available, YSEQ utilizes another company which actually chemically develop the primers. This process can take several months.

One of the goals of the MayflowerDNA.org project is to identify individual SNPs for Mayflower passengers, and their sons in-law to potentially make them available for individual SNP testing. The process of discovering these new SNPs is quite expensive (either via Whole Genome Sequence or Next Genome Sequence testing like the Big Y-700 by FTDNA or the Y-Elite by Full Genomes). The individual SNP testing itself is quite inexpensive, once the SNP has been identified. As stated above, the process to make an individual SNP available is a bit time consuming (and has the potential to fail, in which case YSEQ would refund the money back to the customer who ordered the SNP test.)

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