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Status summary

As of January 14, 2017:

  • Recruiting participants for Y Elite tests
Y Elite YSEQ
# of pending tests 2 0
# of completed tests 4 2
# of sponsored tests 6 2

Paternal lineages of Mayflower passengers

Surnames of Mayflower passengers and crew, with links to corresponding Y-DNA results pages, are listed below.

Surname[1] Given name(s) aboard Mayflower Y-DNA aboard Mayflower Known living descendants[2] Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup[3]
Alden John Yes Yes Yes R1b-P312[4]
Allerton Isaac, Bartholomew, Remember, Mary Yes Yes [5]
Billington John, John, Francis Yes Yes Yes R1b-U106
Bradford William Yes Yes Yes I-M253
Brewster William, Love, Wrestling Yes Yes Yes I-M253
Browne Peter Yes Yes No
Chilton James, Mary Yes Yes No
Cooke Francis, John Yes Yes Yes I-M223
Doty Edward Yes Yes Yes R1b-L21
Eaton Francis, Samuel Yes Yes Yes R1b-U198
Fletcher Moses Yes Yes No
Fuller Edward, Samuel, Samuel Yes Yes Yes R1b-U106
Hopkins Stephen, Giles, Constance, Damaris, Oceanus Yes Yes Yes R1b-U106
Howland John Yes Yes Yes R1b-U106
More Richard, Ellen, Jasper, Mary Yes Yes No
Mullins William, Priscilla, Joseph Yes Yes No
Priest Degory Yes Yes No
Rogers Thomas, Joseph Yes Yes Yes R1b-L21
Samson Henry Yes Yes Yes I-M223
I2a2a M223>Z161>L801> CTS1977>> BY526
Soule George Yes Yes Yes I-M253
Standish Myles Yes Yes Yes I-L38
Tilley John, Edward, Elizabeth Yes Yes No
Warren Richard Yes Yes Yes E-V13 or R1b-M269[9]
White William, Resolved, Peregrine Yes Yes Yes R1b-L21
R1b L21>DF13>Z39589>DF49>>M222[10]
Winslow Edward, Gilbert Yes Yes Yes I-M253
Allerton John Yes No No
Britteridge Richard Yes No No
Butten William Yes No No
Carter Robert Yes No No
Carver John Yes No No
Clark John Yes
Clarke Richard Yes No No
Coppin Robert Yes
Crackston John, John Yes No No
Ely (unknown) Yes No No
English Thomas Yes
Gardiner Richard Yes
Goodman John Yes
Heale Giles (Dr.) Yes
Holbeck William Yes
Hooke John Yes No No
Jones Christopher (Capt.) Yes
Langmore John Yes
Latham William Yes No No
Leaver "Master" Yes
Leister Edward Yes
Margesson Edmund Yes
Martin Christopher Yes No No
Parker John Yes
Prower Solomon Yes No No
Rigsdale John Yes
Story Elias Yes No No
Thompson Edward Yes No No
Tinker Thomas, son Yes No No
Trevore William Yes
Turner John, son, son Yes No No
Wilder Roger Yes No No
Williams Thomas Yes No No
Williamson Andrew Yes
  1. links to sub-pages under development
  2. according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mayflower_Society
  3. Most SNP results may still be further refined as more Y-DNA descendants of Mayflower Passengers obtain Next Generation Sequence (NGS)/Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) tests. Italics indicate the haplogroup is merely predicted based soley on STR testing and may not be precise. In some of these cases, the result could be inaccurate due to inadvertent errors in lineage tracing. See surname sub-pages for further details and references.
  4. based on top 24 scores at Nevgen R1b predictor all falling under P312, with 9 U152 subclades 10 DF27 subclades and 5 L21 subclades. U152 and DF27 are both subclades of Z38841 (which is technically a STR rather than a SNP) so it is likely the Alden family fall under either U152 or DF27.
  5. Son Bartholomew returned to England where he married and had children. Whether he has any living Y-DNA descendants is unknown. Son Isaac is believed to only have had one son (Isaac) who died without issue.
  6. based on top 9 scores at Nevgen R1b predictor all falling under Z8.
  7. based on Nevgen R1b prediction of 100% certainty
  8. based on 100% certainty score for 111 STR markers at Nevgen.org
  9. According to the FTDNA Mayflower Project one individual claiming to be a Y-DNA descendant of Richard Warren has done a Y67 STR test and his predicted Haplogroup falls under E-M35 (Nevgen Y-DNA Haplogroup Predictor result 99.97% likely to fall under E1b1b1a1b1a E-V13). However, according to a Geni.com discussion at https://www.geni.com/discussions/197009 an individual claiming to be a Y-DNA descendant of Richard Warren has had a 37 STR marker test and his predicted Haplogroup falls under R1b-M269
  10. Based on 99.97% Certainty at Nevgen.org from 67 STR markers.

Paternal lineages of affiliated families

Families directly affiliated with Mayflower passengers (e.g. through marriage of children) with Y-DNA testing include:

John Gorham married Desire Howland, eldest daughter of John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley.

John Chipman married Hope Howland, second daughter of John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley.

John Dickinson married Elizabeth Howland, third daughter of John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley.

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