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Status summary

Still to do of January 1, 2023:

  • Need to determine whether any of the sons of Edward Woodman ever married and had families. Any male who believes they are such a descendant should Read me First

IMPORTANT: Read me First


First Generation

Edward Woodman is believed to have been the son of Archelaus "Hercules" Woodman. Edward was presumably born Newbury circa 1650 and died there 25 Oct 1698. He married Salem abt 1670 Remember Maverick and they had (order uncertain, all but youngest bp. Salem 15 Jun 1684): Remember (c1673), John (c1676), Edward, Maverick, Moses, Samuel (d. bef 15 Feb 1708/9) and poss. Cornelius (bp Marblehead 9 Nov 1684).

The Isaac Allerton Silver Book (vol. 17) fails to give any further information on any of the sons of Remember Maverick and Edward Woodman.

DNA results R-M269

The FTDNA Woodman Y-DNA Project currently has one individual claiming Thomas Woodman of England as their patrilineal Ancestor. Thomas is believed to be the great-grandfather of Edward, who married Remember Maverick.

Further DNA testing needed

Testing of patrilineal descendants is needed. Any male who believes their patrilineal ancestry goes through Edward Woodman is encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com

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