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Status summary

As of March 12, 2016:

  • Recruiting Winslow for Y Elite test


Paper trail

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Previous Y-DNA testing

Previous Y-STR testing through the Winslow surname DNA project[1] has indicated that the Winslow lineage belongs to the I-M253 Y-DNA haplogroup, which is quite common in Northern and Northwestern Europe. Furthermore, the Winslow project has identified a member of the same STR cluster who has been found to have the CTS8647 / Z2894 marker. Currently available evidence seems to suggest this marker is approximately phylogenetically equivalent with Z60, Z61, and Z62[2], suggesting that the Winslow lineage may further be classified within I-M253 as DF29>Z58>Z59>Z60. Y Elite test results will be able to confirm this, and possibly place the Winslow lineage more precisely. The results will also enable identification of more recent SNP markers, some of which may be ascribed to individual Winslows (e.g. Kanelm Winslow) with sufficiently broad testing.


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Summary of findings

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  2. Gregory R. Magoon, Raymond H. Banks, Christian Rottensteiner, Bonnie E. Schrack, Vincent O. Tilroe, Terry Robb, Andrew J. Grierson, "Generation of high-resolution a priori Y-chromosome phylogenies using 'next-generation' sequencing data"