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Status summary

As of December 30, 2015:

  • Warren surname project contacted
  • Recruiting Y-DNA Richard Warren descendants to WGS/NGS test. Interested persons contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


For more information see: Wakefield, Robert S., Mayflower Families through Five Generations: Volume 18 Warren

Speculative Origins

Christopher Childs, has posted where his personal opinion (based on the fact it is known Richard Warren married Elizabeth Walker at Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England in 1610) is that the Mayflower passenger may have been identical to the Richard Warren baptized at the Abbey of St. Albans, Hertfordshire on 12 Apr 1585, son of William Warren.

Another possible baptism of the Mayflower Passenger is abstracted at: FreeReg.org.UK for a Richard Warren bp St. Peter, Cornhill, London on 15 Jan 1579/80 son of John Warren, armiger. Given the fact Richard Warren was said to have been a London merchant, this baptism merits a closer look.

First Generation

The proven origin and ancestry of Richard Warren[1] has not yet been discovered. The first known record for Richard is his marriage to Elizabeth Walker[2] at Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England on 14 Apr 1610.[3] Richard was called "of London"[4] He was called "Mr." and it has been said he was one of the "principal men who had borne a deep share in the difficulties and troubles of first settling the plantation."[5]

Richard Warren came by himself aboard the Mayflower, leaving his wife and five daughters (Mary, Anna, Sarah, Elizabeth & Abigail) behind. They came over in the Anne in 1623. Besides the five daughters born in England, Richard & Elizabeth had two sons born at New Plimouth: Nathaniel & Joseph

Second Generation

Nathaniel Warren was born at New Plimouth about 1624.[6] He married at Plymouth, 19 Nov 1645 to Sarah Walker.[7][8] Nathaniel made a will, dated Plymouth 29 Jun 1667 and a codicil dated 16 Jul 1667. The inventory of his estate was taken 21 Oct 1667 and his will & inventory were "exhibited" in court on 30 Oct 1667. Nathaniel & Sarah had twelve children: Richard, Jabez (never married), Sarah, Hope, Jane, Elizabeth, Alice, Mercy, Mary, Nathaniel (left no surviving children)[9], John (no children and likely never married) & James

Joseph Warren was born at New Plymouth about 1626/7.[10] He married Priscilla Faunce[11]. Joseph died at Plymouth on 4 May 1689.[12] Joseph & Priscilla had six children: Mercy, Abigail, Joseph, Patience, Elizabeth & Benjamin

Third Generation

Richard Warren was born at Plymouth in 1646 and died either at Plymouth or Middleborough on 23 Jan 1696/7.[13] He married Sarah Torrey[14] before 1679.[15] They had six children: James (1679-1709 unm.), Samuel (1682/3 m Eleanor Billington), Hope (c1685), Anne (c1687), John (c1689 m Naomi Bates & Anne Reed) and Joanna (c1692).

(Capt.) James Warren was born at Plymouth 7 Nov 1665[16] and died there either 15 May 1715.[17] or 29 Jun 1715[18] He married Sarah3 Doty[1][19] at Plymouth, 21 Jun 1667.[20] They had ten children: John (1688-1689), Edward (1690-1690/1), Sarah (1692), Alice (1695), Patience (1697/8), James (1700 m Penelope Winslow), Hope (1702), Mercy (1704/5), Mary (1707) and Elizabeth (1710/1).

Joseph Warren (II) was born at Plymouth 8 Jan 1657[21] and died there 28 Dec 1696.[22] He married Mehitable Wilder at Plymouth 20 Dec 1692. They had three children: Joseph (1693-1693), Joseph (1694/5 m Alathea Chittenden) and Priscilla (1696).

(Capt.) Benjamin Warren was born at Plymouth 8 Jan 1670[23] and died there 30 May 1746.[24] He married twice, first Plymouth 22 Apr 1697 to Hannah Moulton, who died at Plymouth 3 Nov 1715 and second Plymouth 25 Oct 1716 to Esther/Hester BARNES Cushman. By his first marriage Benjamin had: Benjamin (1698 d.y.), Abigail (1700), Hannah (1704), Nathaniel (1706 m Sarah Morton), Benjamin (1709 m Rebecca Doty), Priscilla (1712) Patience (1715). By his second wife he had: Joseph (1717 believed to have died young) and Mercy (1723).

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DNA Results E-FTC19215

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Mayflower DNA Project has two individuals who have Y-DNA tested predicted to fall under E-M35.[1]The Nevgen Y-DNA Haplogroup Predictor gave a 1007% prediction to fall under E1b1b1a1b1a E-M35>V68>M78>PF2179>Z1919>L618>V13.[2] Both these individuals descend from Cornelius6 Fuller (Samuel5, Samuel4, Richard3, Nathaniel2, Richard1).

NGS/WGS testing

Both of the individuals above have taken a Big Y-700 test. The results indicate they under: E-V13>CTS8814>CTS5856>BY4877>BY3880>FTT49>Z5018>S2979>Z16659>L241>Z21362>FGC76265>Z21365>Z21367>FTB75291>FTC19215

Further testing needed

Ideally, we would like a descendant of Joseph2 Warren to take a Y-DNA test to verify the line all the way back to Pilgrim Richard Warrn.

  1. They also exhibit a "null" DYS425 Y-STR result, which can be seen in the Y-67 Y-STR tests.
  2. An old paper published in the Journal of Genetic Genealogy stated E-V13 was a Balkan Haplogroup, and its presence in England was likely due to Roman soldiers (from the Balkans) settling in the area after their military service.

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